Saturday, May 5, 2018

Our gator

Time did fly.
You turned from a run-from-studies-kid to a study-aholic gator graduate. Your movie nights turned into assignments-project learned to clean your room:p.
Few things didn't change...
You ability of not judging people on the basis of how they behave, what they say...and always giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Your ability to coverup things with humor.
Your ability to being the kindest person always..being always there for everyone.
And also what did not change ...was crying hopelessly on the rukhsatis of course.!
Farewells have been difficult for you but I wish every farewell for you turns into a beautiful beginning. I wish you change challenges into opportunities.
Congratulations !!
And thank you to all your friends out there who were always there for you....and who made your two years in Florida so beautiful.
Oh and when you say thankyou very much ..we can say ..'you are magarmach(alligator) ' and really mean it now.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Today and tommorow (A mother's prayer)

I know you like to talk a lot! dont know where to put a fullstop.
As you grow up..
I pray ..
you talk for peace
You talk for unity
You talk for forgiveness
You talk for kindness
So much so that you don;t know where to put a full stop.

I know you would always do, what you have planned in your mind to do. seem very stubborn for little things you plan
You know how to make way to let things go according to your plan
 As you grow up..
I pray..
You plan for spreading light in the world around..
You plan for helping people in need no matter what others say.
I pray ..
You remain stubborn for good deeds you plan

I know you give a deaf ear  when you have to listen to things that dont suit you
As you grow up..
I pray..
You give a deaf ear to meanness ,negativity and sarcasm that hinder your path

I know are restless until you get what you yearn for.
As you growup..
I pray..
You yearn for gaining ilm of both the worlds.
I pray..
You dont show misery in spreading the ilm you gain.
I pray..
You show your restlessness in the cause to lightup the world!

May all your traits that seem negative today..
Work to change the world in the best of ways.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Farheen Jamal

I remember an  ad of samsung in which a  guy  constantly  whispers ..""….…so  trying to be funny..i whispered in your ears '''samsung samsung…samsung"…from the deep sleep you wokeup in an instant and slapppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......ouch..:D
aah! pata  nahi kitnay thappar khaai hon gain..yeh to yaad bhi nahi ..aur agar yaad ho bhi to count bhi nahi kar saktay…!:D 
But all that has are no more the typical bossy sister.
Now it’s a different story. You are calm and cool. You can overcome little hurdles of life with the great control that you have over your emotions.

Farheen Jamal is like morning coffee which warms you up to deal with anything.
She has the  art of giving preference to mind over heart…taking decisions with a cool logical mind..instead of blunt and quick  replies . You know how to keep your mind cool with patience and calmness.  

When you started would take care of our small needs.
I remember when you bought a ring for me….and gave it to me for my birthday at midnight... I thought can it be I said..'chal bay" ..but it was real gift ..a lovely ring…!
Fara is flexible and brings changes in herself according to her surrounding….always positive and optimistic.
“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney
I think you are the sister with whom I have shared most of my secrets. We would listen for hours to the University stories and gossips you used to tell as soon as you came back from the university.
I have enjoyed sneaking out to NED from my own university and sitting in your class;
The frequent safari trips that we shared;
You perfectly ironed clothes that I used to steal.
Your drive to cleanliness drives sana and mustafa crazy:D
Someone has rightly said:
"When you are messed up and stuck in a situation..there is nothing like a sister to pick you up off your feet and carry you to the next destination in life."
Whenever I am upset ..i know I can call fara to feel better and optimistic…ready to face the world again with all the energy .
You can always hear cluttering when you call Fara.She almost never wastes her time.She is always multi tasking. Washing dishes..while  talking on phone. Cleaning house while skyp-ing.

Fara..You care about little things and give everyone respect. Just before your wedding..when abbu wasn’t well….and ammi was busy taking care of took over the household responsibilities .It was the time when we should have given you utmost comfort as you were about to leave our house..but you took care of us….Thankyou for being a choti apa:)
You are the one who insist on eating together on a dining table…so the whole family is together at least once or twice a day.
You are the one who  think t.v to be a noise pollution..always turning it off for a better family time!
You are the one who taught us that 'ignoring is the best policy'
Your beaming  and no-pretend smile makes you glow (mashallah) .You have a ever present twinkle in your eyes mashallah(credit to farukh bhai?:D)
'People inspire you..or drain you'….you are the one who inspires..and turn the negative energy into positive.
If I could borrow one of your characteristics it would be your mind-over-matter attitude and if could borrow one more it would be your smile.
I love you Fara for all you are..and for being always there.
Thankyou God for making such a lovely person my sister.Today we will celebrate you being in our lives.Hugs!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Uth baandh kamar  darta hai..
Phir dekh Khuda kia karta hai..!"
Abbu ..this is how you used to motivate us   to overcome any hurdles of life and it still reminds me of you and inspires me.
You always guided us but never forced your decisions upon us . You gave us the power to make our own choices and decisions. You trusted us…and this is something we treasure.
You always knew what we wanted. Every time we came back from Pakistan, after spending the vacations,you would hide gifts for each of us in our room. Thinking of it ..still ignites  excitement.
On Eid, You would fill the cabinets with chocolates ..making the occasion more special.
You knew how to turn responsibility into fun. You used to check our teeth every night and give marks according to the level of cleanliness.At the end of the month , the highest mark achiever used to get some extra cash..:) Then..the pocket money!!Everyone  got theirs according to their age.You used to give increments on excellent academic achievements. obviously hena soon  reached my level with her 1st position every year..but you increased  my pocket money every year with hena's position I would not feel left behind.

You took a keen interest in our studies…and you regularly asked us..'Can I help..?Is there any thing in your course that you want to ask?"..and if our answer was would say..'Ok..then I will ask…bring your book'…so  after  few of these episodes we would find a topic on which  we could take help from you avoid being tested.

You never compromised on our  studies.You used to say…' chahay daal roti hee  khani ho..laikin mai apnay bachon ko wahi parhaaon ga jo unn ko parhna hai'….so you never let us fret over financial difficulties you might have faced while educating us.
Abbu are a hard worker..and whatever you are today did it all by yourself..!
You made it sure that we eat something before going to the university /office.
You taught us punctuality ..not by lessons but by practical. ..even if it meant reaching the wedding parties before the hosts. 
You cared about our you reached before time to pick up us ..
                                                    you kept walking in the lawn until I came home from the office..
                                                    you followed me in your car …the first time I drove to the office all by 
How can we forget when  you used to come to wake us up for sehri…and we would go to sleep you would come upstairs again ..and again ..and would try to wake us up with the same tenderness every time.

You truly fulfilled your responsibilities of a father…and we all love you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Taha Iqbal

"No matter how serious life gets .You still got to have that one person you can be completely stupid with"
So there is  this loud ,hysterical and unstoppable laughter can only be associated with one person…Taha Iqbal.
Jokes are part of his everyday conversation…and he is witty to the core.Yes there are some surprising shows of humor jumping off the see-saw suddenly..or over taking in the car racing….resulting in     an injured wife in both the cases:P.. Or while shopping …he would suddenly ask loudly..'why are you hiding things in your pocket saad!..dont steal'..leaving one dumb founded…:D
We have seen his innumerable  hairstyles…he is one of those lucky persons who look good with just any hair style. We have also seen his innumerable moods….lively…fierce..tears….happy and wild..!..:d
He was there ..when I needed blood for my nanoo…thank you taha:) I will never forget this kindness.
He is one who would give you an honest opinion…..for example ..the first time I put on foundation after shadi..he was laughing and rolling on the floor….and he told right away that it looked funny!..Lol.
We have always enjoyed his arguments with Saad….which are always entertaining and ever-going.
Taha is a cricket-manic, book worm and life of the party.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."
He is a competent and confident  individual who is bound to succeed where ever he goes inshallah.

Taha…we love you..and your laugh:)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

he and she

When asked something
Not ever in any haste
He would pause and ponder.
A silence prevailed..
For a moment you would think..maybe he has not heard.
But then you would hear..
Some words of wisdom..
A good piece of advise.

As you would enter her house..
She would light up instantly..
She would look at you..
For So long
With so much love..
For a moment you would are the world to her.
For so long..
With so much concentration
For a moment you would think..she is cherishing and absorbing 
Your each and every move.

There were no bad hair days in her house..
Because you were always the most beautiful person to her.

He would restraint himself from food not recommended for him
She would pick everything…not recommended for her.

In pain..she would warn and rebel..
He would oblige and smile.

He would sit in the garden chair every evening..
Calling everyone out..
To enjoy the beauties of nature..
She would make excuses not to go out..
But would oblige after constant calls from him.

He would advice not to waste time..
To study as much as one could..
She would advice to take a holiday..
To rest as much as one could.

He would seek out help..
With computer..and other things.
She would scold…
To let us eat..or else sleep.

He would tell every time..
You have the ability..
She would tell every time..
You are beautiful!

They would argue with each other 
and snap back with quick replies..
filled with humor and quick wit..
She would be annoyed and upset..
He would wink and smile

He listened to his mind..
She obeyed her heart.

Together ..
They cared for each of us..
Showered their love on each of us .
But both in their own distinct way.

He was strong as a rock..
She was fragile as a rose petal.

Friday, July 17, 2015


I started this blog to celebrate the people who are still living and we do not  find time to appreciate them.
Nanno.You are not in this world any more..But I will still celebrate you …because I still feel you are with me.!!l
If people were gem , I would call you 'diamond' of the rarest kind.

I remember how her face used to brighten up...when we visited her...
I read a quote some where 'Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete"

It is so true...the smile on her face...and request in her eyes when we were leaving to come again.......and whether we stayed with her for a long time ..or short it was always short for her..
She made us feel so special.No one can make you feel that special . Just the way , she looked at us made us  feel like a princess.

On every occasion and even on little achievements, she would gift us some dress. When she died, her little diary was  full of  reminders and calculations about  birthday gifts, graduation gifts, matric-passing gifts, new baby gifts etc.

When ammi visited nannoo and we were at home, she saved some of the delicious things for us and would not let anybody else eat  it.
If she were the administrator of our college of our school or office we would have got 6 days holidays in a week.

You would keep calling until all of your children and grandchildren got back from  their schools and offices.
You were a loving person.And you would begin to adore every candidate of rishta  that came for her grand daughters.'Mujhay lagta hai isee sai shadi ho gee iss ki shadi..ham ko bohat mohabbat  lag rahi h ai'..and we would say..'nanoo aap ko to her kisi sai mohabbat lagti hai'

Her heart  was soft  as wax. It melted so quickly for everyone.

Nannoo even though you are no more with us, You will  rule and shine on our lives forever!