Wednesday, April 24, 2013


You cannot value your mother until you get married.
Today I am celebrating Romana Jamal

'Is she your sister?'…friends at school used to ask us.
'No, she is my mother'. 
You did not look like a mother back then…and today you are a nani  and do not look like one.

'What a beautiful dress, Inaya is wearing!'…
'Oh !My mother made it'. I tell them..'No,you are kidding! is so professionally done'
Ammi! You can turn scraps into gold!You know the perfect size..even if we have not met for the whole year. Not only of your kids but of each one your grand child.
Ammi !You really have patience . How Inaya brings thousands of scraps to you..and asks for  a different design for each one. Haniya and Nora place orders for party dresses . You grant all their wishes.

You love deadlines….each deadline is an adventure for you. Who else is better than Hena Jamal l at giving you 11th hour work.:D When you plan to do something, you just do it!
I never remember a time when you have eaten before made taaza taaza  garam roti for whoever comes whenever..! You are never hungry when there is less of a yummy thing.
When I am the first one to wakeup in sehri..I miss those days ..when I was the last person to wakeup and you were there with all the sehri made..but not a frown on the face.I remember how you used to hide the delicious halwa abbu was always after.:D..

You have taught us to thank Allah in every situation.If we got hurt you would say ' Allah ka shukar ada karo.aik paon mai chot lagi hai…laikin dusray mai nahi lagi'
You are the one who taught us to ask  Allah and only Allah…even if it is something as minor as getting done with a party at home perfectly. You have taught us that Allah does answer your prayers..and if he does not is because of something better that we do no know about.

 You visited everyone in their khushi and gham.You have taught us to be social (But some of your daughters still send me to the drawing room  to talk to the guests and prefer to work in the kitchen as a deal :D)
You are addicted to cleanliness. I wonder how you bear all the mess our kids make.You do not scold them but you do keep cleaning  because messy rooms dekh kar 'aap ko chakkar aatay hain:D'  . In the cleanliness drive you once found out tons of flunked test in my school bag. oops. I bet uss cleaning mai chakkar aa gai hon gain.

I love the royal treatment I get from you when I come to Karachi. I can eat in peace.You make sure that my kids get fed  and I do not get disturbed while having my food. My clothes get ironed  and every little thing is well taken care of. Sorry sana and mustafa for the added responsibilities  but I cannot help it because  I feel like a princess.(Anyways you two get the royal treatment throughout the year)

The life is so easy when you have a mother who you can ask  'jaldi  sai iss ki recipe bata den'….'yeh garbar ho gai..ab kia karoon'……'apni shirt k liay kitna kapra loon:D'..'mere kapray ki length kia ho gee'…ahh... life  is a piece of cake with a mother like you.

My life without you would be like a computer without copy+paste. I love you ammi.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"Uth baandh kamar  darta hai..
Phir dekh Khuda kia karta hai..!"
Abbu ..this is how you used to motivate us   to overcome any hurdles of life and it still reminds me of you and inspires me.
You always guided us but never forced your decisions upon us . You gave us the power to make our own choices and decisions. You trusted us…and this is something we treasure.
You always knew what we wanted. Every time we came back from Pakistan, after spending the vacations,you would hide gifts for each of us in our room. Thinking of it ..still ignites  excitement.
On Eid, You would fill the cabinets with chocolates ..making the occasion more special.
You knew how to turn responsibility into fun. You used to check our teeth every night and give marks according to the level of cleanliness.At the end of the month , the highest mark achiever used to get some extra cash..:) Then..the pocket money!!Everyone  got theirs according to their age.You used to give increments on excellent academic achievements. obviously hena soon  reached my level with her 1st position every year..but you increased  my pocket money every year with hena's position I would not feel left behind.

You took a keen interest in our studies…and you regularly asked us..'Can I help..?Is there any thing in your course that you want to ask?"..and if our answer was would say..'Ok..then I will ask…bring your book'…so  after  few of these episodes we would find a topic on which  we could take help from you avoid being tested.

You never compromised on our  studies.You used to say…' chahay daal roti hee  khani ho..laikin mai apnay bachon ko wahi parhaaon ga jo unn ko parhna hai'….so you never let us fret over financial difficulties you might have faced while educating us.
Abbu are a hard worker..and whatever you are today did it all by yourself..!
You made it sure that we eat something before going to the university /office.
You taught us punctuality ..not by lessons but by practical. ..even if it meant reaching the wedding parties before the hosts. 
You cared about our you reached before time to pick up us ..
                                                    you kept walking in the lawn until I came home from the office..
                                                    you followed me in your car …the first time I drove to the office all by 
How can we forget when  you used to come to wake us up for sehri…and we would go to sleep you would come upstairs again ..and again ..and would try to wake us up with the same tenderness every time.

You truly fulfilled your responsibilities of a father…and we all love you.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fauzia Tanwir

Today I am celebrating Khala ammi

You have to think before you speak. But with Fawzia Tanwir you can speak your mind and open your heart. She will not mind…you can be sure.
If she does not like it..she will tell you..but in such a humorous way that you would be forced to smile.
If she is cross with you ..she will tell you on the spot but not without cracking a joke. So you can be sure that khala ammi can not be cross with you and as a result you cannot be cross with her ever.
We have to learn from her to be happy all the time. How not to be offended by little things that people say. ..and how to smile all the time :D
If I had to write her motto it would be: Life is too short to hate or complain . So love and smile.

Hena Jamal

Today I am celebrating Hena Jamal

I remember how we used to fight each other .By one hand we pulled each others hair and by other ..cheeks!
You were the baby of the house still we looked up to you for advice.
You were a born leader…who from the very beginning knew what to do in life .You had clear ambitions and the guts and will to achieve them.
You are the one who guides us to move forward in life no matter what happens. Life goes on(remember the golden words by…...?:P)
I cherish the moments now which I used to dread..(Baji jaai gee to mai khailoon gee)..I wish I could have 50 percent of your will power and no...not all of it ..else I would become a pathan..:P
Now do not roll your eyes in the typical 'hena way':D
I love you..:)


Sometimes we are so out of touch with our loved ones ...that one day they remain no more.Right at that moment...memories from the past  rush into your mind...then comes the regrets of not taking out time .....
It is like ignoring the heroes throughout their lives and awarding them the day they die.
Why not cherish people when they are living?Why not tell them in their life that they are special.....Kind words and appreciation are better than any gift in the world.
Celebrate the people around you.