Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ammi-in-law (Anjum Iqbal)

From a house where my mom use to do almost everything me ..I came to another house. I was taught to love my in -laws and give them my best but I had not much training of the kitchen work.
So Anjum Iqball came to my rescue. She took over the responsibility of being a mother from my biological mother…she took the responsibility of never sending me out without eating something from my father and up to this day she full filled it totally and merrily.

When I was ill you took care of me just as a mother would…tirelessly and continuously .Who can claim to have a mother–in-law who has given her daughter-in-law..
  • Breakfast on bed
  • All the three meals on bed
  • A massage on head and feet
I can surely show off!!
You inspire us by appreciating every little thing…by saying ‘thank you’ so often that insignificant things seem special act of kindness….by saying sorry so often that I get embarrassed .:D

While in the hospital with me, you took care of my every need . Seeing so much affection for me ,people there refused to believe that you are my mother-in-law.  They looked with awe and admiration (and may be jealousy?:P)
You are a  gift for Inaya and Nema. It is really a sight to see how your grand children fight each other for being with you a little more and for getting a little extra attention from you.As if you are not their dadi but  masla-e-Kashmir….every child fight for their right of having dadi.

I remember your tears when you moved out and began to live separately .For the very first time , we were driving back home leaving you behind had tears in your eyes. Well, that was not the only time , for few weeks every time we left , I could see your wet eyes. Usually mothers do get happy when their daughters do not have to live in the same house as their in-laws. But my mother was sad and depressed when you moved out . Because she thought you to be a big blessing for me. So what can we say about a mother-in-law if her counter part appreciates her. It means she really must be a blessing.

I do not have to be on my toes  when my mother-in-law is there .I  can share  lame, silly and all kinds of  jokes with you . We can make fun of each other .We can surely claim to know you better than your sons.
It is funny how we can share tips and tricks about tackling a whining husband…:D

You have a ever lasting smile ..which is like a sun shine for all of us.
We all love you!

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  1. Lajawab sasu maa. mashaa Allah.aisi saas sab ko mile.