Wednesday, April 24, 2013


You cannot value your mother until you get married.
Today I am celebrating Romana Jamal

'Is she your sister?'…friends at school used to ask us.
'No, she is my mother'. 
You did not look like a mother back then…and today you are a nani  and do not look like one.

'What a beautiful dress, Inaya is wearing!'…
'Oh !My mother made it'. I tell them..'No,you are kidding! is so professionally done'
Ammi! You can turn scraps into gold!You know the perfect size..even if we have not met for the whole year. Not only of your kids but of each one your grand child.
Ammi !You really have patience . How Inaya brings thousands of scraps to you..and asks for  a different design for each one. Haniya and Nora place orders for party dresses . You grant all their wishes.

You love deadlines….each deadline is an adventure for you. Who else is better than Hena Jamal l at giving you 11th hour work.:D When you plan to do something, you just do it!
I never remember a time when you have eaten before made taaza taaza  garam roti for whoever comes whenever..! You are never hungry when there is less of a yummy thing.
When I am the first one to wakeup in sehri..I miss those days ..when I was the last person to wakeup and you were there with all the sehri made..but not a frown on the face.I remember how you used to hide the delicious halwa abbu was always after.:D..

You have taught us to thank Allah in every situation.If we got hurt you would say ' Allah ka shukar ada karo.aik paon mai chot lagi hai…laikin dusray mai nahi lagi'
You are the one who taught us to ask  Allah and only Allah…even if it is something as minor as getting done with a party at home perfectly. You have taught us that Allah does answer your prayers..and if he does not is because of something better that we do no know about.

 You visited everyone in their khushi and gham.You have taught us to be social (But some of your daughters still send me to the drawing room  to talk to the guests and prefer to work in the kitchen as a deal :D)
You are addicted to cleanliness. I wonder how you bear all the mess our kids make.You do not scold them but you do keep cleaning  because messy rooms dekh kar 'aap ko chakkar aatay hain:D'  . In the cleanliness drive you once found out tons of flunked test in my school bag. oops. I bet uss cleaning mai chakkar aa gai hon gain.

I love the royal treatment I get from you when I come to Karachi. I can eat in peace.You make sure that my kids get fed  and I do not get disturbed while having my food. My clothes get ironed  and every little thing is well taken care of. Sorry sana and mustafa for the added responsibilities  but I cannot help it because  I feel like a princess.(Anyways you two get the royal treatment throughout the year)

The life is so easy when you have a mother who you can ask  'jaldi  sai iss ki recipe bata den'….'yeh garbar ho gai..ab kia karoon'……'apni shirt k liay kitna kapra loon:D'..'mere kapray ki length kia ho gee'…ahh... life  is a piece of cake with a mother like you.

My life without you would be like a computer without copy+paste. I love you ammi.


  1. I had tears in my eyes when I read this...momz r so u roomi dadi:i m also lucky to ve a mom like this:)

  2. Anum Tanwir Beautifully written!*loves*
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    Fawzia Tanwir tasweer khach di ammi ki nice
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    Mahjabeen Irshad Awsomely written ....
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    Asif Alam very nice!
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    Annie Javed bohut acha
    Wednesday at 1:18am · Like
    Iffat Rasheed Omg saher I didnt know u have such a powerful writing skill, I just finished reading ur blog n it brought tears into my eyes...its wonderful sure auntie would feel so much proud of u, so am I.......I would wait to c what u write sbout my dear friend
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    Nausheen Shoaib Wow! Look Sahar even Parvaiz Musharaf looks happy.....just kidding . Really excellent writing skills.
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    Rahat Alam Sahar,you did a wonderful job in writing about my perfect and beautiful appa
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    Sabeen Jamal love it
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    Romana Jamal Thank you Sahar. LOVE YOU.
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    Syed Mansoor Hussain Sweet
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    Tania Hasan Simply awesome, alhamdolilah for moms like these.
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    Kishwar Enam MA and may Allah keep her in good health to keep on going . Very well written Sahar.
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    Anjum Iqbal Well done Sahar I love reading all your articles In fact I wait for them And Roomi Jamal you indeed are a gem of a person to have such wonderful children and I got the best
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    Hena Jamal Awesome work Sahar!

    Btw I'm not the one who gives orders in the 11th hour (anymore), that’s what Farheen Jamal is for. My orders keep going on throughout the year When she sends me my things after doing all the bhaag dor, and when I call her up an...See More
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    Hena Jamal Anjum Aunty, I think we need to call an 'All-Saases-Convention' to decide who got the best Haha just kidding... you actually did get the best one, no doubt
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    Sahar Syed @ iffi: thankyou.we cannot value a mother until we get married:D
    @hena: thankyou for reminding so many good memories
    Anjum Iqbal (ammi).... thankyou..i am the all-bahu convention my saas will take the award for being the best one...
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    Sabeen Jamal Anjum aunty you did get the best one!