Friday, April 12, 2013

Fauzia Tanwir

Today I am celebrating Khala ammi

You have to think before you speak. But with Fawzia Tanwir you can speak your mind and open your heart. She will not mind…you can be sure.
If she does not like it..she will tell you..but in such a humorous way that you would be forced to smile.
If she is cross with you ..she will tell you on the spot but not without cracking a joke. So you can be sure that khala ammi can not be cross with you and as a result you cannot be cross with her ever.
We have to learn from her to be happy all the time. How not to be offended by little things that people say. ..and how to smile all the time :D
If I had to write her motto it would be: Life is too short to hate or complain . So love and smile.

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  1. Rahat Alam very sweet
    April 10 at 9:33am · Like
    Fawzia Tanwir thankyou sahar
    April 10 at 9:45am · Like
    Sabeen Jamal love your smile/hansi khala ammi
    April 10 at 9:50am · Like · 2
    Rana Zahoor ASAK Sahar! Kaisi ho? Tum itni piyari ho and love the way u always share ur little princess' activities! BTW next wed ko kiski turn hai? *wink*
    April 10 at 9:54am · Like
    Rana Zahoor Jokes apart, you write very well Masha'allah! Keep up the good work and making everyone happy. Proud of you and love you a lot.
    April 10 at 9:56am · Like
    Sophy Aqeel · Friends with Sabeen Jamal and 16 others
    very nice
    April 10 at 10:30am · Like
    Farheen Jamal so true
    April 10 at 11:40am · Like
    Anum Tanwir thats meri ammi!
    April 10 at 12:00pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Annie Javed yes so true
    April 10 at 12:09pm · Like
    Farheen Jamal there are two people who remind me of a rainbow whenever i think about them...khala ammi and sahar
    April 10 at 12:24pm · Like · 12
    Tahira Zaman lovely thoughts explained in such a beautiful and caring way.... carry on Sahar!!! May Allah bless you always
    April 10 at 3:09pm · Like
    Sahar Syed Farheen Jamal wow..i am flattered
    April 10 at 3:31pm · Like · 1
    Asra Tanwir The smiling Mom..
    April 10 at 3:32pm · Like · 1
    Kishwar Enam MA may Allah keep her smiling always
    April 10 at 4:41pm · Like
    Fawzia Tanwir really true.Thanks for appreciation.tanwir
    April 10 at 10:05pm · Like
    Hena Jamal Spot on Sahar Syed. There are two more things I really like about her: one, she is never judgemental, secondly she is awesome at understanding people's psyche.
    April 10 at 10:48pm via mobile · Like · 3
    Sahar Syed yes hena..i agree...she is an inspiration
    April 11 at 9:17am · Like
    Asif Alam Alert Alert: Farheen Jamal Is politicking for next Wednesday spot.
    April 11 at 3:49pm via mobile · Like · 4
    Sahar Syed lol
    April 11 at 9:17pm · Like