Friday, April 12, 2013

Hena Jamal

Today I am celebrating Hena Jamal

I remember how we used to fight each other .By one hand we pulled each others hair and by other ..cheeks!
You were the baby of the house still we looked up to you for advice.
You were a born leader…who from the very beginning knew what to do in life .You had clear ambitions and the guts and will to achieve them.
You are the one who guides us to move forward in life no matter what happens. Life goes on(remember the golden words by…...?:P)
I cherish the moments now which I used to dread..(Baji jaai gee to mai khailoon gee)..I wish I could have 50 percent of your will power and no...not all of it ..else I would become a pathan..:P
Now do not roll your eyes in the typical 'hena way':D
I love you..:)

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  1. Rahat Alam very well written ,yeh this is our Hena jamal
    April 3 at 6:10pm · Like · 1
    Tahira Zaman awww ... u will write something like this for me too
    April 3 at 6:26pm · Like
    Tania Hasan Thats absolutely beautiful. Sahar Syed you are extremely talented at writing stuff like that. Keep it up
    April 3 at 7:39pm via mobile · Like
    Hena Jamal Thankyou, love you too

    Also, do you remember our kite flying sessions on our terrace in Dhahran?

    PS: (do you think that among all the people you love, I am going to die first? )
    April 3 at 7:55pm via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Sabeen Jamal Hena Jamal ..she is just scared of your determination...kub pitai hojai uski
    April 3 at 8:35pm · Like · 1
    Sabeen Jamal Wah wah...baji jaai gee walay ka background?
    April 3 at 8:37pm · Like
    Erum Afzal Tauheed · 2 mutual friends
    awww such a sweet piece .. the sisterly love* .. mashaaAllah .. I totally agree to the 'HENAism' you have mentioned ,,sounds SO her
    April 3 at 10:52pm · Like
    Maliha Ahmed · 3 mutual friends
    that's beautiful sahar! i love you too Hena
    April 3 at 11:15pm · Like
    Shaima Hasan Taha Lol ...aap celebrate ker Rahi hain ya take ker Rahi hain?:p!

    Cute gesture...
    April 4 at 1:24am via mobile · Like
    Sahar Syed @ hena: Lol at kite flying.......i had forgotten all that..thank you for reminding...we will talk in detail about this....
    LOL@ dying first.......well i want to celebrate u all atleast before i die..
    erum and maliha...u can add the details of henaism:D
    April 4 at 8:20am · Like
    Sahar Syed all others:thankyou
    April 4 at 8:20am · Like
    Annie Javed like