Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Uth baandh kamar  darta hai..
Phir dekh Khuda kia karta hai..!"
Abbu ..this is how you used to motivate us   to overcome any hurdles of life and it still reminds me of you and inspires me.
You always guided us but never forced your decisions upon us . You gave us the power to make our own choices and decisions. You trusted us…and this is something we treasure.
You always knew what we wanted. Every time we came back from Pakistan, after spending the vacations,you would hide gifts for each of us in our room. Thinking of it ..still ignites  excitement.
On Eid, You would fill the cabinets with chocolates ..making the occasion more special.
You knew how to turn responsibility into fun. You used to check our teeth every night and give marks according to the level of cleanliness.At the end of the month , the highest mark achiever used to get some extra cash..:) Then..the pocket money!!Everyone  got theirs according to their age.You used to give increments on excellent academic achievements. obviously hena soon  reached my level with her 1st position every year..but you increased  my pocket money every year with hena's position I would not feel left behind.

You took a keen interest in our studies…and you regularly asked us..'Can I help..?Is there any thing in your course that you want to ask?"..and if our answer was would say..'Ok..then I will ask…bring your book'…so  after  few of these episodes we would find a topic on which  we could take help from you avoid being tested.

You never compromised on our  studies.You used to say…' chahay daal roti hee  khani ho..laikin mai apnay bachon ko wahi parhaaon ga jo unn ko parhna hai'….so you never let us fret over financial difficulties you might have faced while educating us.
Abbu are a hard worker..and whatever you are today did it all by yourself..!
You made it sure that we eat something before going to the university /office.
You taught us punctuality ..not by lessons but by practical. ..even if it meant reaching the wedding parties before the hosts. 
You cared about our you reached before time to pick up us ..
                                                    you kept walking in the lawn until I came home from the office..
                                                    you followed me in your car …the first time I drove to the office all by 
How can we forget when  you used to come to wake us up for sehri…and we would go to sleep you would come upstairs again ..and again ..and would try to wake us up with the same tenderness every time.

You truly fulfilled your responsibilities of a father…and we all love you.


  1. This is all so true!

    And I probably never got a chance to say this but I'm lucky to have a father like you. You're one cool dad :)

  2. Fawzia Tanwir masha ALLAH bhut sahi likha hay
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    Najia Yousuf
    April 17 at 10:38am via mobile · Like
    Nausheen Shoaib Awaaaa, that is so sweet.
    April 17 at 11:12am · Like
    Maryam Iqbal Very touching mA
    April 17 at 1:12pm via mobile · Like
    Annie Javed wah mashallah
    April 17 at 1:52pm · Like
    Rahat Alam This is our Noshey Bhai. Very well written ,I have tears in my eyes while reading this.
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    Saira Faisal very touching ... and I can see my own abu's personality in these words ....
    April 17 at 3:00pm · Like
    Asif Alam Very touching! Indeed, Naushey Bhai is the best!
    April 17 at 3:48pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Sabeen Jamal Bohut acha
    April 17 at 5:48pm · Like
    Kishwar Enam So true!
    April 17 at 6:24pm · Like
    Hena Jamal Awesomely written Sahar!

    I sometimes wake up in the morning even now with Abbu's voice saying in his gentle manner.." huny beta uthne ka time hogaya" .. and then I realize that's the way of my subconscious of waking me up.

    When I think about it all I think .. what did he say when you smashed the Khyber? Nothing!
    What did he say when I smashed the cultus? Nothing!
    What did he do when one of us lied about the shampoo?? Danday ki maar!
    This sums up how he brought us up

    Love you abbu!
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    Hena Jamal Not to mention that was the only maar (for me atleast :p)
    April 17 at 8:30pm via mobile · Like
    Erum Afzal Tauheed · 2 mutual friends
    wow sahar .. u write with such beauty .. and i love this way of celebrating special ppl in ur life ..i enjoy reading each bit of it though i personally do not know these ppl *except hena ofc but i can still connect to it ..
    April 17 at 10:07pm · Like
    Syed Mansoor Hussain Very nice Sahar. Have Lots of respect for Noshey Bhai. Prayers for his long life and great health.
    April 18 at 12:48am via mobile · Like
    Sahar Syed hena...thankyou for mentioning did i forget it!!
    Erum Afzal Tauheed glad to you liked it... good actions turn the words beautiful..
    April 18 at 9:27am · Like
    Rabia Enam Very Nice Sahar!! I am really impressed
    April 18 at 10:11am · Like
    Farheen Jamal abbu is the best !
    April 18 at 12:05pm · Like · 1
    Anjum Iqbal What a touching way of writing of ones father we are proud of you Sahar and sooo happy that Allah sent you to our family
    April 21 at 8:20am via mobile · Like · 1
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