Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saad Iqbal

From a breathe taking scenery to a cawing crow..he can appreciate any thing!
Actually he finds ways and excuses to appreciate things around him. He lets you see the positive aspect of everything..even if it does not exists.
Sharing your problems with him always means that at the end of the discussion you would be feeling optimistic and would be ready to fight with the problem positively.
How ever , when it comes to his problems…he can drive anybody nuts..!:D
Taking a woman to shopping is a headache for most of the male species but he loves it! ..which is actually itself a blessing.
He always loves helping people and even when he does not.. he will still go out of his way to make someone’s life easier.
Even if he is dead tired..he would still make sure that he is there ..if anyone needs  his help…and would never let one feel that how difficult it is for him. He would make you belief that it is the most enjoyable work he can do in this world...!
He believes in equality of man and woman FULLLY. That means he can cook for you, he would assist in applying for jobs , he can stay up all night to help you finish a project but at the same time he would also expect you to talk to the mechanic on his behalf, carry heavy things with him, help him in the throw –a-lizard-out task etc.
He also knows diplomatic tactics of getting his way. Like.. when we came back to our house after two days and there was foul smell and stream of blood coming out of the kitchen door. He managed  to find the diplomatic way out by saying that I should go and check the kitchen for any corpse..while he would do me a favor by opening the windows of the house to let the deadly smell out.
So ..yes I had to go and check with my heart beating fast…it turned out that the plug of the deep freezer was loose and the blood was of baqar-eid mutton!
Without him my house expenses might have been quite high…as he is the carpenter, repair-man , mechanic of my house. He can mend everything..from a washing machine to a ‘kaanch ki choori’:D He can make the tastiest kabab , daal , patato ,chicken filled parathas.

He has the knack of accepting and loving anyone with all of his/her shortcoming. He has always guided me to look at the solution rather than problems. He finds such solutions which make everyone happy in the end..!

 He has one of the sweetest smile in the world.
Saad!You are the sugar of my life!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Omar Bhai

I have never seen such an organized person in my life. Men are not known to be organized or keeping the place clean .But not even a girl can reach his level. Only his wife has the caliber to keep the house up to his standards.
His stack of dirty clothes , nicely folded.. seem like they  are here straight from the laundry shop. You actually have to ask if the perfectly folded and not- a- wrinkle clothes are to be washed . Omar bhai..You do not have to fold the dirty socks too..! Please!…we would start suffering from inferiority complex!..:D

Omar bhai is not at all an eleventh hour person. His bags are packed and in the car a night before he has to travel. Packing  in advance can create problems sometimes though. Like keeping your ticket in the  traveling bag, then changing the bag and putting the old bag in the trunk WITH the ticket ….the whole house marching left right ,left right to search for the ticket and……oh poor maasi:D.
 Before a trip ..usually  all of us  are busy till the last moment in packing things(except omar bhai of course..remember ..? he packed and put the bag in the car last night!)..and do not leave the house till the  car honks  or someone shouts to get out of the house.

 His books are his best buddies.They have been to every place..swat, muree, naran, kaghan ,skardu .Even if it’s a single day trip ..he likes to have the satisfaction of having his medical book with him. Actually his books have traveled more with him than his wife.:D
For a prefect date , I bet  he would have chosen his favorite place 'saeed book bank'

Being a book addict doesn’t mean  he is boring. He has done all types of ghunda-gardi  .
His sharafat never made him the suspect  let alone culprit . On every visit he would remind us the story of 'ammi aur ammi ki chaar (4)  _____'. He is always in the fore front in  fun activities.
He  is very humble and can go out of the way to help others but at the same time  he can be a real fouji…and get things done right away from his sub ordinates . When he is irritated , it’s a sight to see:)  [ ghussa unn ka ..uff uff uff :D]
He is a very hospitable host with a constant smile on his face. 
Omar bhai….  It is great to have a brother like you…!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farrukh bhai

Today I am celebrating farrukh/shahnawaz bhai.
We didn’t know you earlier  and yes I was very nervous about how will you keep my sister.
But the shine and happiness in Fara's eyes tell that we do not have to worry now.
Now I know that she has landed at the right place mashallah.
You have a great sense of humor…and the seriousness with which you joke sometimes confuses us…:)
The love, time and attention you give to Haniya and Nora can nominate you for the best-father's award.

The little gifts you bring  for our family even when fara is not accompanying you do make us feel special.
The respect and love for  our parents in your eyes makes you the beta of the family.
Your insistence not to take dowry ..and letting us count the disadvantages of dowry..proved that
we do not have to change Pakistan..we have to change ourselves..!!. Only we can bring change.
 I respect you a lot for that ..and I am proud that I have a brother-in-law like you..:) 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rana Chachi

Today I am celebrating Rana chachi.
The world is a busy place. People do not even find for themselves. But, Rana chachi, you take out time to call even if it is  for saying just a quick hello.
Not everyone  bothers to ask when coming from Karachi..if there is something I would like to have from my mother .  But you do care.
You never complain for not visiting or not calling. You do not expect from us but fulfill our expectation. 

Today we are celebrating you to let you know that your little gestures of love mean a lot to us.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ammi-in-law (Anjum Iqbal)

From a house where my mom use to do almost everything me ..I came to another house. I was taught to love my in -laws and give them my best but I had not much training of the kitchen work.
So Anjum Iqball came to my rescue. She took over the responsibility of being a mother from my biological mother…she took the responsibility of never sending me out without eating something from my father and up to this day she full filled it totally and merrily.

When I was ill you took care of me just as a mother would…tirelessly and continuously .Who can claim to have a mother–in-law who has given her daughter-in-law..
  • Breakfast on bed
  • All the three meals on bed
  • A massage on head and feet
I can surely show off!!
You inspire us by appreciating every little thing…by saying ‘thank you’ so often that insignificant things seem special act of kindness….by saying sorry so often that I get embarrassed .:D

While in the hospital with me, you took care of my every need . Seeing so much affection for me ,people there refused to believe that you are my mother-in-law.  They looked with awe and admiration (and may be jealousy?:P)
You are a  gift for Inaya and Nema. It is really a sight to see how your grand children fight each other for being with you a little more and for getting a little extra attention from you.As if you are not their dadi but  masla-e-Kashmir….every child fight for their right of having dadi.

I remember your tears when you moved out and began to live separately .For the very first time , we were driving back home leaving you behind had tears in your eyes. Well, that was not the only time , for few weeks every time we left , I could see your wet eyes. Usually mothers do get happy when their daughters do not have to live in the same house as their in-laws. But my mother was sad and depressed when you moved out . Because she thought you to be a big blessing for me. So what can we say about a mother-in-law if her counter part appreciates her. It means she really must be a blessing.

I do not have to be on my toes  when my mother-in-law is there .I  can share  lame, silly and all kinds of  jokes with you . We can make fun of each other .We can surely claim to know you better than your sons.
It is funny how we can share tips and tricks about tackling a whining husband…:D

You have a ever lasting smile ..which is like a sun shine for all of us.
We all love you!