Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Omar Bhai

I have never seen such an organized person in my life. Men are not known to be organized or keeping the place clean .But not even a girl can reach his level. Only his wife has the caliber to keep the house up to his standards.
His stack of dirty clothes , nicely folded.. seem like they  are here straight from the laundry shop. You actually have to ask if the perfectly folded and not- a- wrinkle clothes are to be washed . Omar bhai..You do not have to fold the dirty socks too..! Please!…we would start suffering from inferiority complex!..:D

Omar bhai is not at all an eleventh hour person. His bags are packed and in the car a night before he has to travel. Packing  in advance can create problems sometimes though. Like keeping your ticket in the  traveling bag, then changing the bag and putting the old bag in the trunk WITH the ticket ….the whole house marching left right ,left right to search for the ticket and……oh poor maasi:D.
 Before a trip ..usually  all of us  are busy till the last moment in packing things(except omar bhai of course..remember ..? he packed and put the bag in the car last night!)..and do not leave the house till the  car honks  or someone shouts to get out of the house.

 His books are his best buddies.They have been to every place..swat, muree, naran, kaghan ,skardu .Even if it’s a single day trip ..he likes to have the satisfaction of having his medical book with him. Actually his books have traveled more with him than his wife.:D
For a prefect date , I bet  he would have chosen his favorite place 'saeed book bank'

Being a book addict doesn’t mean  he is boring. He has done all types of ghunda-gardi  .
His sharafat never made him the suspect  let alone culprit . On every visit he would remind us the story of 'ammi aur ammi ki chaar (4)  _____'. He is always in the fore front in  fun activities.
He  is very humble and can go out of the way to help others but at the same time  he can be a real fouji…and get things done right away from his sub ordinates . When he is irritated , it’s a sight to see:)  [ ghussa unn ka ..uff uff uff :D]
He is a very hospitable host with a constant smile on his face. 
Omar bhai….  It is great to have a brother like you…!

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  1. Tania Hasan Zabardast sahar. A good start to this day. I didnnt know about the ticket in the trunk episode. HahA
    May 22 at 8:21am via mobile · Like · 1
    Rahat Alam interesting
    May 22 at 8:25am · Like
    Ashher Alam For a prefect date , I bet he would have chosen his favorite place 'saeed book bank'
    Thats gud 1..........
    May 22 at 11:24am · Like
    Ashher Alam Wondering when Saad Iqbal is coming in this list.........
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    Anjum Iqbal Oh so true
    May 22 at 11:49am via mobile · Like · 1
    Iqbal Ahmed A very nice and pleasant read, which made us laugh a lot! I can only say that we love Omar with his quiet enviable habits and ways, which Sahar so faithfully described. We however were quiet ignorant and accordingly taken unawares about 'ghunda gardi' that Omar frequently indulged in! I hope it is not of the type, it is normally understood to be! We believe and trust, it could never be that! Have 'fun' Omar if your 'ghunda gardi' is what it means in the vocabulary of Sahar!
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    Sahar Syed omar bhai can you tell the black board episode in school to describe ghunda gardi to abbu?:D
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    Iqbal Ahmed And Sahar! What is meant by "ammi and ammi ki 4 '......'?. I only know that your ammi has 4 lovable daughters in-law and we thank Allah a million times for that. This is not something we would hide! So, I am quiet perplexed as to what Omar and for that matter you meant by '........' ? I couldn't possibly be an unmentionable word? would you please educate me a bit on that Sahar?
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    Iqbal Ahmed Sorry for erroneously typing 'quiet' for 'quite' in my above two posts/comments! Do read what it actually means. Thanks.
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    Sahar Syed ammi can tell you in detail about the leftover blanks:D
    May 22 at 3:47pm · Like
    Omar Iqbal Oh, that green-board episode! I was terrified when, unintentionally, I broke the board one fine morning. I was in class 8 then. The administration never found out who the culprit was. They knew I was the first person to arrive in the class that morning but luckily no one suspected me that I was the one who actually broke it. That really was a narrow escape!!!
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    Omar Iqbal ... Ammi aur ammi ki 4 bhaooen!
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    Sahar Syed :D:D
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    Omar Iqbal What good traits you see in my personality are due to my upbringing! Love you dearly abbu and ammi