Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rana Chachi

Today I am celebrating Rana chachi.
The world is a busy place. People do not even find for themselves. But, Rana chachi, you take out time to call even if it is  for saying just a quick hello.
Not everyone  bothers to ask when coming from Karachi..if there is something I would like to have from my mother .  But you do care.
You never complain for not visiting or not calling. You do not expect from us but fulfill our expectation. 

Today we are celebrating you to let you know that your little gestures of love mean a lot to us.

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  1. Rahat Alam Touching
    May 8 at 8:03am · Like
    Anjum Iqbal Rana is indeed a wonderful person May Allah always ke
    May 8 at 9:12am via mobile · Like
    Anjum Iqbal May Allah always keep her healthy and smiling
    May 8 at 9:14am via mobile · Unlike · 1
    Huda Ahmed That is incredibly sweet, Sahar baji
    May 8 at 9:29am · Like
    Tania Hasan Zabardast Sahar , ran a chachi is one of the most lovable women of the family.
    May 8 at 9:52am · Like
    Shaima Hasan Taha Rana chachi k baarey mein jinta kaha jae utna kam hai! She is constant inspiration, a strong support, and my ever ready source of endless duas. I can never forget the countless times we have gone over uninvited and have been treated with lovely food al...See More
    May 8 at 10:27am via mobile · Unlike · 4
    Taiyaba A. Khan Wow, very beautifully said!
    May 8 at 11:29am via mobile · Like
    Annie Javed very beautifuly said
    May 8 at 4:27pm · Like
    Sadaf Azhar alhamdulillah for in-laws we respect and cherish and who care for us.