Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saad Iqbal

From a breathe taking scenery to a cawing crow..he can appreciate any thing!
Actually he finds ways and excuses to appreciate things around him. He lets you see the positive aspect of everything..even if it does not exists.
Sharing your problems with him always means that at the end of the discussion you would be feeling optimistic and would be ready to fight with the problem positively.
How ever , when it comes to his problems…he can drive anybody nuts..!:D
Taking a woman to shopping is a headache for most of the male species but he loves it! ..which is actually itself a blessing.
He always loves helping people and even when he does not.. he will still go out of his way to make someone’s life easier.
Even if he is dead tired..he would still make sure that he is there ..if anyone needs  his help…and would never let one feel that how difficult it is for him. He would make you belief that it is the most enjoyable work he can do in this world...!
He believes in equality of man and woman FULLLY. That means he can cook for you, he would assist in applying for jobs , he can stay up all night to help you finish a project but at the same time he would also expect you to talk to the mechanic on his behalf, carry heavy things with him, help him in the throw –a-lizard-out task etc.
He also knows diplomatic tactics of getting his way. Like.. when we came back to our house after two days and there was foul smell and stream of blood coming out of the kitchen door. He managed  to find the diplomatic way out by saying that I should go and check the kitchen for any corpse..while he would do me a favor by opening the windows of the house to let the deadly smell out.
So ..yes I had to go and check with my heart beating fast…it turned out that the plug of the deep freezer was loose and the blood was of baqar-eid mutton!
Without him my house expenses might have been quite high…as he is the carpenter, repair-man , mechanic of my house. He can mend everything..from a washing machine to a ‘kaanch ki choori’:D He can make the tastiest kabab , daal , patato ,chicken filled parathas.

He has the knack of accepting and loving anyone with all of his/her shortcoming. He has always guided me to look at the solution rather than problems. He finds such solutions which make everyone happy in the end..!

 He has one of the sweetest smile in the world.
Saad!You are the sugar of my life!


  1. Ashher Alam I just liked before i read..........
    Ashher Alam Awesome....... As a matter of fact you forgot chicken tikka.......
    Iqbal Ahmed Awesome! Sahar you have the knack of writing so well and so truthfully. Even though I'm his Abbu, I know I'm not a bit like him, for which I always feel exceedingly unfortunate. I and we all love him very dearly. He is such a caring person. He is a committed individual but he also needs the assurance of commitment from all those for whom he is prepared to give all his self. We'll keep praying for him as long as we live iA.
    Anjum Iqbal What a great piece of writing ! And how true of Saad.He is an adoring father of his two little girls a lovable husband a caring brother and the most loving son Allah could send to parents May Allah always keep him and his family in the best of health and spirit Ameen
    Syed Mustafa Jamal this is incredible!
    Tania Hasan Hai Allah jeeeee. love the way you have discussed his habits in a way that seems his strength, and that is purely because of love between you too. May Allah always keep this love growing . I can totally relate to you when you discuss his idea of gender equality , in those lines he is truly Hasan Iqbal s brother!
    Now we can both call ourselves the lizard slayer!!!
    Annie Javed mashalalh
    Romana Jamal Love the article ,but love Saad more. He is like a son more than a son-in law.
    Sahar again you forgot to add mashaaAllah.
    Anjum Iqbal And Sahar you have brought tears to my eyes
    Sahar Syed awww
    Sahar Syed mashalah..mashalah:)
    is saad blushing?:d
    Annie Javed Anjum Iqbal thank you itrna loving aur caring baita deeya mashallah aur hum log ki baiti mashallah is very lucky
    Anjum Iqbal Saad hasn't read it yet He has gone to collect his driving license I think he will read it alone so that I don't read his face
    Farheen Jamal awesome
    Tania Hasan I bet saad will have tears in his eyes too and offcourse he would be blushing too. I wish i was thereto capture the moment and share it with the rest of the gang.... to have a superb laughter later on.
    Anjum Iqbal Tania you are always the loving one who knows each and everyone to the core
    Tania Hasan Yea mum you are right . In fifteen years i have known each if them quite well particularly Saad Iqbal anf Taha Iqbal.
    But i can vow on it that i am still learning about my man Hasan Iqbal. He still manages to surprise me everyday.
    Saima Sardar masha allah very cute and joyfull to read ...ths was the frst thng on my newsfeed today and without scrolling down i just started reading it and it s written incredibly ...may ALLAH keeps u both always happy and blessed one more thng it is written so decently unlike many other facebook status updates for husband/wives full of all star plus drama love or some bollywood love lines but ths one is so practically written in a very decent way stay
    Shaima Hasan Taha If I did something like this for Taha Iqbal...he would def find a way to be his funny self and throw my words right back at me especially when he's being the opposite of nice...
    May 29 at 3:26pm
    Shaima Hasan Taha And then top it off by saying"mein athha hoon na?!"
    May 29 at 3:27pm
    Kishwar Enam MashAllah , may Allah keep the love growing between you two and bless you with a perfect life.
    May 29 at 5:34pm
    Sabeen Jamal MashaAllah a couple made for each other
    May 29 at 5:44pm
    Omar Iqbal Sahar, you are an incredible narrator, mA. Truth and nothing but the truth!
    May 29 at 8:36pm
    Iffat Rasheed So sweet Sahar MashaAllah. ....may Allah always keep all of u happy......caring. .....loving for each other Ameen.
    May 30 at 7:58am via mobile ·
    Sadaf Azhar you forgot to mention his laughter- his ainak wala jinn laughter!! yes the handy man is always welcome and he repairs/ fixes so much stuff around my house too- which is why he's always welcome! and his kitchen brilliancy- doodhpatti, flying saucer, poori, bhujia and his obsession with heating and then eating halwa with cream and balai with jelly. And his craziness with the kids- phuljhari, the paddling pool and fooling them...

  2. i love saad bahi laughing style...:)