Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farrukh bhai

Today I am celebrating farrukh/shahnawaz bhai.
We didn’t know you earlier  and yes I was very nervous about how will you keep my sister.
But the shine and happiness in Fara's eyes tell that we do not have to worry now.
Now I know that she has landed at the right place mashallah.
You have a great sense of humor…and the seriousness with which you joke sometimes confuses us…:)
The love, time and attention you give to Haniya and Nora can nominate you for the best-father's award.

The little gifts you bring  for our family even when fara is not accompanying you do make us feel special.
The respect and love for  our parents in your eyes makes you the beta of the family.
Your insistence not to take dowry ..and letting us count the disadvantages of dowry..proved that
we do not have to change Pakistan..we have to change ourselves..!!. Only we can bring change.
 I respect you a lot for that ..and I am proud that I have a brother-in-law like you..:) 

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  1. Romana Jamal MashaAllah. May Allah give him long life with health and happiness. Ameen.
    May 15 at 9:32am · Like
    Sabeen Jamal indeed a beta MasAllah..i see so much of abbo in him
    May 15 at 9:36am · Like · 1
    Annie Javed masha allah
    May 15 at 10:20am · Like
    Farheen Jamal
    May 15 at 11:26am · Like
    Shah Nawaz Thankyou Sahar Syed. you look professional writer. I am also proud and feel blessed to have lovely Fara and her family. Al Hamdullillah. I pray to Allah for His blessings on all of us. Ameen.
    May 15 at 11:40am · Unlike · 6
    Fawzia Tanwir masha allah allah hamesha khus rakhay
    May 15 at 2:32pm · Like
    Urooj Zafar · Friends with Afsheen Nouman and 2 others
    .shine in farah eyes. .Mashallah
    .we also miss u farrukh bhai..and my best frd fara of course
    May 15 at 3:15pm via mobile · Like
    Rahat Alam MashaAllah
    May 15 at 4:16pm · Like
    Kishwar Enam Excellent,MashAllah
    May 15 at 6:33pm · Like
    Iffat Rasheed So sweet......mashaAllah.......