Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Huda Ahmed

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person"-Mother Teresa

Here is this lady in our family with an Oscar-winning smiling…whom we can call a true patriot..! Well every one claims to be one…but the special thing about her is that her deeds reflect the patriotism.

"shikwa e zulmat e shab se to kahin behter tha,
   Apne hissay ki koi shama jalaate jaate"

She does not wait for a miracle to happen.She makes it happen.She spreads light in the dark..she spreads the light of education to the unfortunate ones.
She does not indulge in the drawing room talks of a better country..she works for it.
She engages her heart , mind and abilities to build a better Pakistan.
Huda…it is because of youngsters like you..that Pakistan seems livable !  Pakistan needs you and we are proud to have you in our family.


  1. Sabeen Jamal jazakAllah khair Huda
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    Iqbal Ahmed We couldn't agree more with you Sahar. Hoda is the little girl we know and love from the time she was born, until the present times when she already is an accomplished dentist. She is a great philanthropist. She helped the marooned flood affecties so untiringly and did proud us immensely. Her crusade for PTI too was inspiring for all of us. But I remember her more for the dare devil driving while taking us to the airport to catch the flight to Istanbul in the middle of night last September. Luckily I still have good teeth but if I ever need to consult a dentist, I for sure will only go to Dr Hoda. Our prayers and best of the wishes are for her, where ever she happens to be!
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    Anjum Iqbal I cannot agree more with Iqbal Ahmed. I remember Hoda as a little girl with the lovely smile and who thinks of others first before herself and the ones she thinks of first are the unprivileged. With youngsters like her the world is a better place . Keep up Hoda may Allah always shower you with His blessings
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    Iqbal Ahmed If you are hungry for food and do not have a very nice restaurant nearby, you can go to Hoda. She will fix a very tasty noodle dish for you in quickest of time and shower you with her characteristic broad smile at the same time!
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    Huda Ahmed Allah! Sahar Baji, this is like the sun thanking the stars for light! You’re one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and loving people I’ve ever known, and I was touched and humbled by your words, but it’s actually you who should be appreciated!
    Your s...See More
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    Huda Ahmed Baray Abbu, Bari Ammi you’re both, mashaAllah, extremely far, one of the best parents I’ve seen…and also extremely lucky to have each other and to have the wonderful family with sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren you should really ...See More
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    Huda Ahmed It's honestly because of people like you that people like me keep going!
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    Sahar Syed "We can't all be heroes , because somebody has to sit back and clap as they go by" claps for you:)

  2. Huda is someone I look up to and someone I know I can learn so much from

  3. Syed Neaz Ahmad Masha' Allah!