Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Javed Khaloo

Although you speak rarely, you are one of the best host in the world. You along with khala make your guest feel like a five-star-hotel -guest.
When I sometimes visited your home from the university , you made it sure to make the trip most comfortable.  Once when you dropped me to the university , you gave me Rs.100 for the canteen…'khaloo..yeh to bohat ziada hai canteen pe khanay k liay.'… said.: 'apni doston ko bhi khila dijiay ga aaj' we had a party that day…:)
You take full responsibility of your guests. Once, you had to pick me up from my farewell party. Although I came downstairs at time, I somehow was not able to see your car. After half an hour I called khala.She told me that he has been waiting there for more than half an hour. I then searched your car outside and was able to find you.  You didn’t come inside as you thought it to be an intrusion in a friends gathering.
You didn’t complain or scold me  at all.
You have a kind heart  and you are willing to help everyone in need .

Although I do accept the fact we do fear you sometimes .But for the extra care  you show..we love you much more than we fear you.

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  1. Sabeen Jamal Alhumdolillah..we have the best khaloos! when khaloo is the host, its not just a party,, its the best party..may Allah bless you with health and happiness always
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    Shabana Zahid Mashallah !!!
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    Rahat Alam unkeh gussa mai bhi pyar hai
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    Rahat Alam He is a Wonderful person. gentle and affectionate
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    Iffat Rasheed MashaAllah. ...very sweet
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    Fawzia Tanwir bari ankhoo ka ziker nahi kia?
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    Sahar Syed bari ankhon ka zikar karnay wali thee..phir mai dar gai:D
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    Anum Tanwir mashaAllah!
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    Rehma Javed
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    Syed Javed Zahoor Thank you for such sweet comments. I am truly lucky to have loving banjis who always care and love us. Whenever Rehma went to Islamabad and stayed at your home, I was very much satisfied that she is in loving hands of sahar and her family.
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    Annie Javed Thank you Sahar Syed!
    I want to thank God, my Ammi and Abbi for choosing Syed Javed Zahoor as my husband. loving caring husband, best father who is always with me in happiness and sorrow, loving his family and my family in equally the same way. He helps me out in any problem and guides me in my bussiness. Always trying to provide any thing i dream of, accepting me with all my shortcomings and making my dream home come true. Suporting me, give advise when ever i am wrong.
    Haan magar us waqt ghusa ata hai jab massi, driver, chokidar aur baqi kam karnay walay boltay hain "sahib ki keeya baat hai, un ki tarah koi nahi hosakta " i feel so sad kai bhai meri bhi too kabhi tareef kar deeya karoo!
    I always felt proud when ami used to say,"Sirf Asif nhi meray do beta hien!"
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    Sahar Syed khaloo must have a good day after reading such good comments from annie khala:D

    Kishwar Enam MashAllah,so true !

    Syed Javed Zahoor I am proud of my wife Annie and my daughter Rehma for love they have for me and making my home a haven on earth.who made my life

    Syed Mansoor Hussain Well said Sahar. All true and definitely the best host in the world.
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    Sahar Syed wow annie khala:)