Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tania Hasan

As Stephen Covey said :"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”
People usually do not listen. Listening is an art. Throughout my life , I have come across only three or four good listeners . You are one of them. You do  not jump in the mid of a sentence . You actually listen!
So you should be proud of being one of those  rare species who are good listeners.
It is not that you only have the skills of  listening ,you also know  the art of being heard. You can convey your thoughts in an impressive manner.
Moreover, You can talk for a long long time without any comma or full stop…:)
You are a shopaholic and always  know the right place to go . So everyone relieves themselves of the shopping headaches and assign the tasks to you. 
There are two sides to every story. For Tania baji side would be the optimistic one and the other funny.
Your optimism is contagious  which helps us to look towards the possibilities. You can crack jokes at an time…and in any situation…which relieves us from the seriousness of the situation. I also love your loud uncontrollable laugh.

You have the get-up-and-go confidence to take up anything thrown up your way.
You have full control over your emotions .I have hardly seen  your  mood fluctuations.
For our family you are a shield for facing the nonsense..  a tool for taking permissions…
And a rescue machine for making excuses for things we do not like to indulge in.

For all our questions , the answer is Tania baji..!


  1. Beautiful, glad to know she means a lot to many of us. Love you Tania baji :)

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  3. ania Hasan Aww that is so sweet, Sahar Syed, I am over whelmed, by your choice of interesting words for me, thank you so much for your love, I am blessed to have people like you around me, just adding " shopoholic for all the cheap stuff" . Love you loads.

    Sahar Syed haha

    Tania Hasan U are truly a gifted writer mashallah. U Find good in just about anyone at all and write in a very engaging manner.
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    Anjum Iqbal Wonderfully written Sahar. Tania has always been at my side ever since she became a member of our family.she helped me in the weddings of all the other sons solely and tirelessly and she's been a great support in all my ups and downs thank you Tania may Allah always shower you with His blessings Ameen
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    Tania Hasan Love u too amma. I am speechless
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    Rahat Alam “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.”
    ― Nelson Mandela
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    Iqbal Ahmed My comments on Sahar's write up celebrating our dear Tania are seen no where here and seem to have ended up somewhere in the jungle of messages. Needless to say that Tania is a friend more than a daughter in-law. She's thoughtful, loving and very caring indeed. Love you Tania for lighting up our lives and making them as cheerful as these are - immensely joyous and something to
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    Iqbal Ahmed ...... Live for.
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    Tania Hasan It is interesting how girls who are born at their parents place, end up at a place where no one can ever imagine. But only with imnense love , respect and importance at the other home, they develop into individuals that they are destined to. Thank you Iqbal Ahmed and Anjum Iqbal for showing your utmost love and respect. I am only what Allah wished me to be, but you all are what any girl could wish for.