Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Sana is our little doll .We used to dress her up in fancy clothes and never get tired of taking her  pictures.

She is our dress designer ..whose motto can be :"If you ask for ideas…follow my idea fully or follow your own !(why did you ask in the first place?)". But we fully trust her designing  abilities . We can relax and trust sana to pick the best for us.
I wonder how these qualities can be merged together ..but she is  workaholic as well as a sleepy head. Actually being lazy is a luxurious hobby she can rarely enjoy.
She does not like to give explanations or lame excuses . She believes that everyone has a point of view and she does not need to provide any explanations for her opinions . Neither does she judge you because of differences in opinions. 
I wait for the gossip session with her..for which I have to wait for almost  an year.
Sana is ambitious .She has the capability to live her dreams.
In general ,
She is not into writing..but if she decides to …she does not stop until it is done.
she does not speak much..but once she starts ..there is no stop…! She can start talking at mid night and go on till  4 a.m.Phew!
Sana  is  committed to her  responsibilities. She has the duty of making tea after iftar..which she  timely fulfills. Once  when she was burning with fever, she woke up  at iftar and made the tea even I told her that  I can do that for her. 
Sana is a realist who can see and take things as they are . She likes to  see the real side of every picture instead of imagining an  option which does not exists.  Even when you ask for a suggestion..she would not sugar coat it. She will tell you ..exactly what she thinks about it..whether you like it or not.
When we ask her if she liked our shopping…she will tell only if she actually likes it..otherwise…she would not  just say 'yes' to keep  us happy. So when we need a 'real' opinion …we ask her…:)
And if you are day-dreaming about things which cannot happen….she would drag you down from cloud 9.

If I could borrow one of your characteristics, it would be  your realistic and no-self pity approach to life.
Sana is no one but herself! I love you my doll cum adviser :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

me (well its awkard...but as per mustafa's instruction)

Syed Mustafa Jamal posted on your timeline"Take a break on this birthday and enjoy being celebrated! Happy Birthday :)

Sahar jub bhi ati hai, iss umeed k sath k usse kuch na kuch likha hua milay ga. Aur usko woh mil jata hai.

It feels nice to say hello to you Sahar on your birthday. Have many happy returns of the day! Wish it was not Ramadan so that we could celebrate it more thoroughly. You are a great blessing of God for you are soft spoken, gentle and very caring indeed. You can not even scold or reprimand your own daughters. All this seems to be from a fairyland. Your angel like qualities have endeared you to us all. We feel fortunate to have you in our family and at that as a daughter in law, a very dear one, I must admit. Thank you for enlightening our lives!

Sahar is a wonderful person that Allah has sent to our home as our dear Saads wife . She thinks of others and hardly ever think of herself. She could never think of offending anyone. Always caring and smiling. If Allah had ever given me a daughter it would have been Sahar Thank you Sahar for being what you are May Allah always shower you with His bounties and blessings Ameen Happy birthday dear one

She is loving, caring and understands your problems without telling her.
Sahar, I still enjoy memories from your childhood when you used to forget your school bag in school or groccery shop. Your smile is marvellous!
Happy Birthday, beta!

Sahar, like the meaning of her name, is beautiful, lovely and fragrant. She knows what the other person wants. She is not only a good daughter but a good wife, sister and mother.
Sahar, I pray for your health and happiness with Saad and the kids.
Happy Birthday!
You are so sweet. And I love the way you care about me. You have got a beautiful smile.

And If ever I write a book about how to raise a perfect girl, I will have to consult your parents because you are the best!

Love you. And I wish you lots of hapiness and joy with Saad and children and everyone around you.

We, Karachiites, miss you so much! Happy Birthday, betu!

Loving, caring and an excellent writer. Salgirah Mubarak!
Lots of love,
Khala Ammi

Sweet candy of our family, caring, loving aur takaloof koot koot kar barha hai!
Annie Khala

There are only a few people in this world with a heart as pure and crystal clear in real as it seems from outside. Their love, gentleness and caring is free of impurities. Sahar, you are one of those people!
From the plump little Meiji baby, you have grown in to a beautiful, delicate young woman. Although I do miss the mischievious, cheerful and carefree Sahar you used to be. I also love the mature, sober and poetic style Sahar you have become.
My "motherly" bonding started with you when you came to live with us as a baby for a few days and you used to sleep with me at night. And since then I have always been proud of having you in my share as my "khaas beti"and will always be.
Happy Birthday beta. I wish you a life full of love, happiness, health and wealth along with Saad and your lovely princesses. May Allah always bless you with his Rehmat (Ameen).

I am blessed with amazing nieces and nephews - bringing their own unique qualities that are second to none. You can write a whole diary on Sahar but one thing that stands out all the time is her evergreen view on life. Always positive, and a smile on her face, she is willing to take that extra step every time to make someone happy. Happy Birthday Sahar, with lots of love and best wishes!

I am not very fond of attending weddings but was not pleased to have missed the wedding of my younger brother Saad with Sahar.
Sahar is soft-spoken, caring, down-to-earth, witty to the core and petite. She has a remarkable sense of humour. I am not sure though, even to this day, regarding one episode of Scrabble Match in AMC Mess, Abbottabad!
She has multitude of qualities, including being an enthusiastic cook (except roti making!) and writing. The latter speaks volumes for itself. Her poetry is largely a hidden asset. Sahar, remember how we failed to coax you to deliver your 'Kalam'.
The Sad feeling of not having attended her wedding is compounded day after day when I see such a happy couple in Sahar and Saad, Masha'Allah.
Omar Iqbal

Whenever I think of sahar, my mind conjures up a picture of a dynamite- small, but capable of a huge impact. Yes, she’s full of wit (yes, I have been subjected to her lethal pen when Rahma was about to be born) and humour, and has a sunny disposition. Divinely paired with Saad, the two of them make one of the most caring and tolerant couples I know. I love their little gestures that show they remember the little likes and dislikes of people around them- the crown she sent for rahmah’s first birthday, my favourite flavours of chips and brightly colored socks that Omar detests, aeroplane and army related gifts for hamza, handmade memorabilia for hiba and inaya’s dosti. We have spent three years together in a joint family and I appreciate her non-interfering attitude and ability to defuse situations immensely. Time has proven that she can be trusted with surprises and confidences absolutely. She’s been very considerate and supportive in helping me when we went for hajj, when i was ill and finally when we moved- saad and sahar even drove all the six hours (and got lost en route) to Chunian with us.

I shall always be sorry I missed her wedding. But over the years I’m glad that though we’re sisters-in-law by Fate, we’re friends by choice.
Sadaf Baji

Sahar baji is one of the most genuine and caring person that I've come across - she has absolute zero pretense about herself which is almost unheard of in this day and age - she's an absolute hit in her susral which again speaks volume of her character -
She starts suffering from short term memory loss when you decide to stay over at her place as she insists on feeding you every other hour, forgetting the bushel full of aloo ki bujhiya that she stuffed you with an hour back -
Shes the official go to person for after-meal family chai sessions and she does it with great big smile on her face - she has taken over admirably from Ammi Abbu in bringing up Saad - she would accompany him to raja bazar to buy a bolt, rainbow centre to buy CDs, on rickshaw, on foot, even on a mini-bus - she's an absolute blessing for all of us and we love her to bits - I would stop here because I don't want to run out of all the adjectives - happy birthday Sahar Baji

If there is one person I have met, with the virtues of a kind, patient, and sincere person, it is Sahar baji! Never in the years that I have known you, have I heard you gossip, and never have I heard you complain. MashaAllah the patience that you have I envy! That smile you wear through everything, never lets anyone feel uncomfortable, no matter how awkward the situation may be. These are the attributes of the kind heart you have which make you so very loveable. The sparkle in your eyes, when you are excited brings out the little child in you, who sees the good in every little thing, the way you say "haan yaaaaaaar!" and your "naa kero yaaaaaar!!, and mannn do I envy how silently you throw have GOT to teach me how to do that! LOL!! (May be next time :D)
Sahar baji, you know how to make the most of the littlest. Blessed to have a sister like you!

Like a beautiful morning she has a bright smile, a golden heart and a gorgeous face.She is dadi-ammas's eversmiling Sahar with a big generous heart.
Before facebook reminders of birthdays and anniversaries, we had Sahar to give us advance notice of upcoming events. She knew all of them..if she forgot we all forgot. Good at remembering special days-YES....remembering to take her backpack to school--NOT!! Sahar do you remember how many times you forgot your backpack at home or school.One time our elevator was out..we lived on the fifth floor...we went all the way down and half the way to school when she noticed that she had forgotten her backpack. Being the apa..I had to go back everytime.And the most famous episode..Sahar forgot her bag again at school.Before abbo left for school to retrieve the bag, he commented that she was ''bud-hawas''. As soon as abbo left she ran to her room and took out the urdu dictionary. I asked, what are you looking up? She said, '' bud-hawas''..I dont know what it means. Although she might not have learnt to take her bag along ,she did learn alot of other lessons.
Ammi tells us that she did not speak until she was 3. us k baad say bolna nahi chora Maybe she wanted everything to be perfect before it came out of her lips. Her poems and writings give us an insight into her beautiful, generous and caring heart. Like ammi and abbo she is a peoples person..we call her Miss PR.We can never keep up with the salam duas like her.
Sahar -you are the heart of our family and I am proud to have you as my sister.May Allah bless you with best of all worlds.
Happy Birthday

Sahar = Little miss sunshine..can see goodness in everything and everyone and brightens the day for everyone around her.
Happy Birthday!
For all of us, ‘Sahar’ is synonymous to a personality with an always-smiling-face.
I, personally, have the most beautiful childhood memories with Sahar – fighting, playing, room-sharing (we went well together as room-mates as neither of us liked a spic and span room ). We would fight and fight and fight and tear each other’s hair out .. it is strange that both of us still have hair on our heads. When we came to playing, we would do crazy things like running wildly round and round and round the centre table in the drawing room till the time the apartment owner who lived right below us would come up and ring our bell complaining to abbu.
Ammi used to make same clothes for myself and Sahar. Both of us were even taken to the hairdresser together. Ammi would always get our hair cut short. As soon as the hairdresser would be done with our hair, Sahar would look into the mirror and start crying. I didn’t really mind my haircut ever, but as soon as I would see Sahar crying, I would follow suit and then ammi abbu had to take two crying girls back home. This remained true for ALL our haircuts together.
As far as I remember, I did not use to eat vegetables because Baji wouldn’t eat them. Sahar toh theek hogayi, mai wesi he reh gayi
Sahar always manages to see the lighter side of things – she finds humour in the most serious of conversations. Secretly, I always wished I could become like her in this regard.
She is the PR person of the family. No matter if it is visiting someone, calling someone or emailing someone on any occassion … Sahar would have done it before the rest of us would have even thought about it …. Iss front pe Sahar ko humesha 100 mai se 500 number miltay hain (aur relative grading mai baqi sab ko -500 :p)
Sahar has a beautiful, gentle heart. I don’t think there is anyone on planet Earth who would disagree with that. Sahar, we cannot write as beautifully as you do, but one thing is common for all of us: we love you

She's colorful, vibrant, shiny, bright smile of ours.
Love you and Happy Birthday!

Sahar is a giver; someone who gives without expecting anything in return. She would do all the
agonizing work, before anybody else, to give comfort to others. And she makes it look like it's the most pleasurable work she could do.
She is extremely caring and thoughtful. Once, when I had a high fever, she won't sleep because she was too worried for me. God-knows-how she got to know that I wanted to drink water in the middle of the night and she came out of no-where, asking 'kuch chahiyaye?' 'kaise ho?'. Like she was never asleep, just to make sure I was okay.
She knows what you want before you ask for it. When she is at home, she doesn't let anybody move an inch to do anything by themselves. It's like magic when she is around because everything gets done by itself ;).
Whenever she comes from Islamabad we share a room together and we have never-ending gossip sessions. She is a good listener and easy to talk to. And you don't realize the time passing by and we end up saying, 'Oh shoot itne raat hogae, chalo so jain' :p.
I have seen how, over the years, whenever Inaya asks how? why? what? questions, she answers them patiently, while anybody else would get easily annoyed. And you can see Inaya taking after her sensibilities.
She loves everybody and anybody and she would always be the first to visit all the rishtedars we dont even know existed ;). She is like a candle that offers itself to give everything it has, to others. And you could see that goodness shining through her ever-smiling face.
I hope you always stay the same!
Happy Birthday, Sahar!

Sahar apa, you are one of the wittiest funny person I have met. In fact we have grown up listening to tales about you. To name a few either it had you boiling the rice without washing it first or eating out from money that you had collected as charity in your university.
I guess everyone from the chawani party would remember how you scared all of us while hena apa and you were telling the 'surf excel heina' story.
I am probably the one in the family that has utilized your stay in Islamabad the most. From amazing food that I get to eat…pizza roti…shakes and what not to dropping me to my friends and never scolding or saying a word you always make my stay in Islamabad amazing!
I hope you have an awesome day.
Happy Birthday Sahar apa!
I love you

She is the social glue that holds the family together, not only remembers everybody's birthdays but knows how many times you have visited her place, you know what I mean. her great ways of showing affection surely makes you happy and her smile, lights up a room. I love you, Sahar apa. Happy Birthday

If we are lucky enough, we may come across some amazing people who make us feel so special; People who make us feel like we have been made perfectly flawless. And the reason I consider myself extremely lucky is because I already had YOU when I was born.
Sahar, from helping me study when I was a kid to annoying me about all the female friends I ever had in my life(lol), you make sure you are there in every part of my life, no matter where you are. You keep on doing these small brilliant things that never seize amazing me. And I keep thinking what a truly incredible person you are!
It has been a while since you have been celebrating people. But today is your day. So let this Wednesday be your turn to feel special.
Happy Birthday, my awesome!
Lots and lots of love,

Dear Sahar Khala,
You are the kindest and the best khala. You are always nice and very funny. You are an outstanding cook and you are very caring to others and family. I am very lucky to have you as a khala. Have an amazing birthday!

You are so kind and caring,
So bright and so nice.
Great as always,
And sweet as an apple.

Happy Birthday Sahar Khala,

I love how you make our hairstyles!

Dear, Sahar khala,
You're kind. When it was Ramadan on the 1st day I fasted in Pakistan you gave us goody bags. Happy b-day! Have a nice birthday

You are a good 'planner'. You are a funny mom. I like how you tease your makes me laugh.

Happy Birthday Sahar apa, wasn't able to write a para. But I think you'll find this paragraph to be greater than all the others that everyone wrote.

You look a lot like Reese Witherspoon.

As today Sahar Syed celebrates 20
birthday ( believe me she doesn’t look older than
that, infact she can still easily pass for a teen ager), we celebrate her presence in our lives.
I remember the day that we saw her for the first time in a wedding. In those days Iqbal
Ahmed and Anjum Iqbal had asked me to look for a suitable match for our very dear
handsome bachelor of that time , Saad Iqbal, with his Waheed Murad looks and
uncontrollable laughter, he was also very specific about his criterion. He clearly
mentioned that her wife should not be petite. When Sadaf Azhar and I went and met
Sahar at her place, we instatneously liked what we saw. A happy family, with great
family values, and more importantly Sahars pleasant personality. We just hoped that , like
most asian girls, she would soon put on weight after getting married, but I couldn’t be
more wrong than that. Soon after, she took her place in our family and before that, in our
hearts! She is person with a warm smile, an ever ready helping hand, and a constant witty
commentator, that just fills the fun in our lives, when we are all together.
She is some one who can always be trusted while preparing surprises, and secret plans.
When you discuss anything with her, you don’t have to say “don’t tell anyone” because
you can be absolutely sure that she wouldn’t.
Saad and Sahar are quite opposites of each other, one is loud, the other is soft, one is
literary and the other has nothing to do with literature, but they complement each other so
beautifully. By Allahs will we choose you for Saad, but you have surely made me so
proud of the selection. With you and Saad, in close vicinity of Abbu and Ammi, the rest
of us are at remarkable ease.
For any fun plans you are ever ready, and that makes me connect to you at a whole
different level. You are a friend who is spontaneous, sparky and creative in your ideas for
good times together, and offcourse the never ending source of great after meal, cup of tea.
As mentioned by others , your vomiting is ultrasonic. This one time we sat together side
by side while going to murree, and when we got there, we found out that you had
vomited a number to times and I had not known at all. How do you manage to do that, it
is still a mystery for us, but a great talent of yours, specially when Saads regular cough is
heard from two houses down the lane.
To see you talk loudly or yell or shout is something we can only visualize in our dreams.
I still remember the way you had decorated the gift basket for Avizheh when she was
born, it had all those most important things, that I truly cherish even today. I admire your
love for the color hot pink, your taste of wearing ethnic jewellery, your food
presentations, your expertise in anything related to computers, and above all , your
company for late nights gup shup whenever we are together.
Alhamdolilah, in the four bahus of ammi, ( Omar Iqbal can read what he wants) , Sadaf,
Sahar and Shaima, have sisters, but I was deprived of them till I found you all.
Thank you Allah for the love we all have for each other, may Allah bless our children
with same sisterly love and affection for each other.
And thank you Sahar for whatever you are, for you are truly a blessing for all of us. Lots
of love and prayers for you always.
Tania Baji.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Abbu-in-law (Iqbal Ahmed)

I have read about nature lovers like William Wordsworth but I have not seen an avid lover of nature like Abbu(Iqbal Ahmed).He has the unmatchable strength  than any of us  to  look after his plants and pets all day in scorching heat as well as in the extreme winter.
Plants are his companions for the day…and books are his best buddies  .He is a book-aholic  who can wake up at 3 in the morning to read books.
Someone has said:"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”. I  bet abbu might also  love a paradise like that.
He can have long conversation on any topic. He has a vast of knowledge of almost every subject .
His language skills are very refined for English as well as Urdu. His sophisticated selection of words seem to be from a literature today's short-cut language.
He  is  the best dada ..nemo can get chocolates whenever she wants…no matter how many times…she knows that when no one would listen ..dada would be there for here.
Abbu..You pack all the fruits from your trees  and send with us an excuse that you cannot eat so much . When we leave , you try to give us most of the  goodies and yummy things present  in your house.
You always give preference to feeding  your  pets and people who work for you. They have to get food right on time….while  you can wait .

I love your love for coffee…:)When ammi is not around you take her place…and take the responsibility of keeping us well-fed..and helping in the kitchen as much as possible.
I can never make your trade-mark chicken as delicious as you do..even if I follow your recipe.

Abbu..we all love you!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Syed Mustafa Jamal

"If you judge people you have no time to love there " -Mother  teresa
This is how your love is ..without  judgments..unconditional..and unbiased. Our biased comments ,  scolding  ,beatings has not affected your behavior  towards us at all.
You can even love people .. you hate.
I remember when I once scolded you so badly for not studying enough and wasting your  energy in time wasting activities. I , then found out that you were actually making a card for celebrating your sisters on womens day. Mustafa..that was one of the most  embarrassing moment in my life..I hope you forgive me for that.

I cherish the surprise artistic decorations you plan for our birthday.

You are a great writer and I didn’t realize your skills earlier while living with you. I love your writings. Your  amazing  skill often surprises me. You say complicated things in such a simple way.

You never misbehave. And even when we judge you in a biased just choose to be silent . I do not remember any occasion on which you have shouted back or misbehaved with me. Neither have you stopped talking  .On the very second we stop the mean ,nasty scolding are the same old mustafa..smiling and loving us as if nothing happened.
You do small things with great love .You accept and love people with all their shortcoming.
You return meanness with kindness..and scolding with humor.
When you were a small kid and I scolded you would playfully said:"ghussa haram hai..ghussa haram hai"..and run away.
You inspire us with your little act of kindness.

I love you Mustafa!