Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Abbu-in-law (Iqbal Ahmed)

I have read about nature lovers like William Wordsworth but I have not seen an avid lover of nature like Abbu(Iqbal Ahmed).He has the unmatchable strength  than any of us  to  look after his plants and pets all day in scorching heat as well as in the extreme winter.
Plants are his companions for the day…and books are his best buddies  .He is a book-aholic  who can wake up at 3 in the morning to read books.
Someone has said:"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”. I  bet abbu might also  love a paradise like that.
He can have long conversation on any topic. He has a vast of knowledge of almost every subject .
His language skills are very refined for English as well as Urdu. His sophisticated selection of words seem to be from a literature today's short-cut language.
He  is  the best dada ..nemo can get chocolates whenever she wants…no matter how many times…she knows that when no one would listen ..dada would be there for here.
Abbu..You pack all the fruits from your trees  and send with us an excuse that you cannot eat so much . When we leave , you try to give us most of the  goodies and yummy things present  in your house.
You always give preference to feeding  your  pets and people who work for you. They have to get food right on time….while  you can wait .

I love your love for coffee…:)When ammi is not around you take her place…and take the responsibility of keeping us well-fed..and helping in the kitchen as much as possible.
I can never make your trade-mark chicken as delicious as you do..even if I follow your recipe.

Abbu..we all love you!

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  1. facebook commentsJuly 31, 2013 at 1:31 AM

    Iqbal Ahmed I feel truly humbled. I'm not all what you say about me but thanks any ways. May you, Saad and our dear grand daughters Inaya and Ne'ma always be very happy. It's an unbounding joy, as it really is, to have all of you around. May Allah bless you with untenable pleasures of life, love and affection between each other in your little family (Amen). I'm somewhat embarrassed to be the first one to respond to your latest celebration but at this early hour at 5:00 AM, I am the only one who is awake. Looking forward to have you and the little girls back soon.
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    Omar Iqbal Sahar, you have mentioned but few of the attributes of our loving Abbu. You can write a book if you do justice. Abbu's literary skills are matchless. I remember a scrabble match with one of his friends. I was owe-struck with his dexterity and presence of mind! We all love you, Abbu!
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    Anjum Iqbal Sahar you have written well and I cannot deny anything that you have written He does have a vast knowledge on his subject and on the books he reads and he is also very lovable when he wants to be and not so lovable at other times But we are all humans and cannot be perfect Thank you Iqbal Ahmed for all the wonderful things in life and for having me as your wife
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    Tania Hasan Great peice of writing as always sahar. Abbu indeed is a person with great knowledge about almost anything under the sun. A person of few words on the outside but surely one can have extended conversations with abbu. His passion for pets and trees is v...See More
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    Sadaf Azhar Thank you Abbu for being an inexhaustible source of books! And I second the spoiling grandchildren part..hamza hiba still remember the weekly lemon tarts and the early morning dose of khatti meet hi golian. @ammi: what a truly wife like comment!cute
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    Sahar Syed Tania Hasan and the whole packet of koftas that abbu had cooked for dinner when ammi was in canada..and saad and company had to finish it all:D