Friday, July 17, 2015


I started this blog to celebrate the people who are still living and we do not  find time to appreciate them.
Nanno.You are not in this world any more..But I will still celebrate you …because I still feel you are with me.!!l
If people were gem , I would call you 'diamond' of the rarest kind.

I remember how her face used to brighten up...when we visited her...
I read a quote some where 'Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete"

It is so true...the smile on her face...and request in her eyes when we were leaving to come again.......and whether we stayed with her for a long time ..or short it was always short for her..
She made us feel so special.No one can make you feel that special . Just the way , she looked at us made us  feel like a princess.

On every occasion and even on little achievements, she would gift us some dress. When she died, her little diary was  full of  reminders and calculations about  birthday gifts, graduation gifts, matric-passing gifts, new baby gifts etc.

When ammi visited nannoo and we were at home, she saved some of the delicious things for us and would not let anybody else eat  it.
If she were the administrator of our college of our school or office we would have got 6 days holidays in a week.

You would keep calling until all of your children and grandchildren got back from  their schools and offices.
You were a loving person.And you would begin to adore every candidate of rishta  that came for her grand daughters.'Mujhay lagta hai isee sai shadi ho gee iss ki shadi..ham ko bohat mohabbat  lag rahi h ai'..and we would say..'nanoo aap ko to her kisi sai mohabbat lagti hai'

Her heart  was soft  as wax. It melted so quickly for everyone.

Nannoo even though you are no more with us, You will  rule and shine on our lives forever!

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  1. facebook commentsJuly 31, 2013 at 1:29 AM

    Annie Javed miss you ammi and feel proud to be her daughter,har kisi sai mohabat,sarvent sai peeyar,hum log ko rishtay ki hameeyat samjhana,har baat ki phalay sai agahee hona,aaj jo hum log apni zindagi guzar rzhay hain ,relationship with rishtadar log ,susrali ,husband ,neighbours,sarvents ,bachay ,dost log sab ami ki hi tarbeeyat hai, ghar ki khanay ki ,tareef kartay hain ,too ammi yea sab app ka seekhaya howa hai,Chahay koi tumharay saat kaisa bhi hai jo bhi keeya ho tum us kai leeyea jo acha karsaktay ho karoo,mahman log ki khatir yea bhi ami ki hi training hai ,so ami ajj hum bahan bhai un kai bachay sab jo bhi hain app ka us mai bohut bara hisa hai.Sahar you make me cry love you too
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    Rana Zahoor Aaj Sahar tum nay rulaa diyaa!:) Allah tumhari Nano ko jannat ul firdous may aala muqaam aataa karay. Aameen
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    Asif Alam Amazing how forgiving she was and how a simple smile would melt her heart no matter what the issue was.
    July 17 at 5:39pm via mobile · Unlike · 3
    Kishwar Enam So true Sahar as you said, she was the best of the gems. She had a kind heart for everyone, filled with nothing but love. Miss you ammi.
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    Sahar Syed i think we should also make ourselves more like her by forgiving and forgetting
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    Sadaf Azhar Reminds me awfully of my Amma, especially the diary part where she noted all her reminders, how she would keep special treats not only for us but also for our children, specially hamza hiba, and how she would also initially like all the wonder they had been good friends and may they always remain good friends in jannatal firdous! Amen.
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    Rahat Alam Sabash Sahar . meri Ammi jo sabki pyari hain.
    July 18 at 4:17am · Like · 1
    Naaz Jamal very well written sahar soo true
    July 18 at 8:27am · Like · 1
    Anjum Iqbal Mashaallah Sahar Allah has gifted you with a special talent . Brighten up our lives with that special touch of yours May Allah always bless you and your little family Ameen
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    Anjum Iqbal May Allah rest Nannoo in peace and place her in Jannatul Firdaus Ameen .
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    Seemi Hussain · Friends with Omar Iqbal and 4 others
    Is this Fakhre-Alam Chachi? Such wonderful memories of her. Very soft-spoken , caring and loving. May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdous.
    July 18 at 12:30pm · Like · 2
    Syed Mansoor Hussain Its very easy to have a teary eye and a heavy heart when I think of phoopijan. I would come and stay for weeks and raise hell at her house along with Asif, outdoors, indoors on the rooftop, daytime and night time but the love and affection she had for me never ceased. She would cook and make sure that we eat properly before we start another day filled with only hardcore play and no work. She (along with Abbu) were two people I know who were the most generous on giving (exaggerated) compliments to people, agreeing with everyone and loving people unconditionally. Rare breed of brother and sister with many identical, beautiful human qualities. It completely broke my heart when I went to see for the first time she fell sick and I remember I drove back with tears in my eyes unsure if I will ever be able to see her again. Miss you too much. Thanks Sahar for a great note.
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    Asif Alam crazy times good memories... Syed Mansoor Hussain
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    Iqbal Ahmed Excellent piece of writing. After reading I very strongly thought, I should have met her, I should have known her. God bless her soul for her being such a nice person that she was!
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    Syed Mansoor Hussain Wonderful memories.
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