Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Sana is our little doll .We used to dress her up in fancy clothes and never get tired of taking her  pictures.

She is our dress designer ..whose motto can be :"If you ask for ideas…follow my idea fully or follow your own !(why did you ask in the first place?)". But we fully trust her designing  abilities . We can relax and trust sana to pick the best for us.
I wonder how these qualities can be merged together ..but she is  workaholic as well as a sleepy head. Actually being lazy is a luxurious hobby she can rarely enjoy.
She does not like to give explanations or lame excuses . She believes that everyone has a point of view and she does not need to provide any explanations for her opinions . Neither does she judge you because of differences in opinions. 
I wait for the gossip session with her..for which I have to wait for almost  an year.
Sana is ambitious .She has the capability to live her dreams.
In general ,
She is not into writing..but if she decides to …she does not stop until it is done.
she does not speak much..but once she starts ..there is no stop…! She can start talking at mid night and go on till  4 a.m.Phew!
Sana  is  committed to her  responsibilities. She has the duty of making tea after iftar..which she  timely fulfills. Once  when she was burning with fever, she woke up  at iftar and made the tea even I told her that  I can do that for her. 
Sana is a realist who can see and take things as they are . She likes to  see the real side of every picture instead of imagining an  option which does not exists.  Even when you ask for a suggestion..she would not sugar coat it. She will tell you ..exactly what she thinks about it..whether you like it or not.
When we ask her if she liked our shopping…she will tell only if she actually likes it..otherwise…she would not  just say 'yes' to keep  us happy. So when we need a 'real' opinion …we ask her…:)
And if you are day-dreaming about things which cannot happen….she would drag you down from cloud 9.

If I could borrow one of your characteristics, it would be  your realistic and no-self pity approach to life.
Sana is no one but herself! I love you my doll cum adviser :)

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  1. Asif Alam Bohot acha
    July 31 at 2:04am via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Rehma Javed She always stands up for what she believes in plus her daant is pretty scary too!
    July 31 at 3:02am via mobile · Unlike · 6
    Farheen Jamal She is still our baby. I remember we all used to wait eagerly for our turn to hold her. And now we are proud of the young lady she has turned out to be. Clear thinker, no pretence, ambitious. Be yourself Sana Jamal and sky is the limit for you.
    July 31 at 3:57am · Unlike · 8
    Sabeen Jamal alhumdolillah our baby has grown into a beautiful and strong woman
    July 31 at 11:25am · Edited · Unlike · 4
    Hena Jamal Aptly put Sahar.

    Sana is my ‘ik-pitya’ as Abbu says it, so both of ensure we fulfil our roles of being ik-pityas to the fullest She has a little part of each one of her elder sisters– Apa’s beauty, Fara’s sensibility, Sahar’s love and care and my zidd.

    No matter how old she grows, Sana will remain our baby sister forever. I can still vividly remember the day she took her first steps when she was only 8 months old. I also remember the time when I used to drag her (literally!) all the way to school. Getting her to do her homework used to be a nightmare for the entire family But how times change! Ab Sana ko pakar k bhi utha do toh nahi hilti With her strong will power and determination, this baby doll will achieve great milestones in life (inshallah)
    July 31 at 2:49pm via mobile · Edited · Unlike · 7
    Rahat Alam I am proud of you Sana. Sahar another great piece
    July 31 at 3:30pm · Edited · Like · 1
    Asif Alam Sahar Syed - now if you were in Karachi in August we could have arranged an evening with Sahar Syed where you could have read snippets of your celebrations with everyone in the room
    July 31 at 3:23pm via mobile · Unlike · 3
    Rahat Alam Aik sham sahar keh saath
    July 31 at 3:30pm · Unlike · 1
    Sana Jamal Shukriya Baji !:P Love you
    July 31 at 4:01pm · Like
    Sahar Syed Syed Mustafa Jamal well mustafa can read it on my behalf and make video of the persons being celebrated while mustafa reads:D
    July 31 at 9:56pm · Like
    Hena Jamal We can take Sahar Syed online on Skype ..
    July 31 at 10:44pm via mobile · Like · 2
    Kishwar Enam Lovely