Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Syed Mustafa Jamal

"If you judge people you have no time to love there " -Mother  teresa
This is how your love is ..without  judgments..unconditional..and unbiased. Our biased comments ,  scolding  ,beatings has not affected your behavior  towards us at all.
You can even love people .. you hate.
I remember when I once scolded you so badly for not studying enough and wasting your  energy in time wasting activities. I , then found out that you were actually making a card for celebrating your sisters on womens day. Mustafa..that was one of the most  embarrassing moment in my life..I hope you forgive me for that.

I cherish the surprise artistic decorations you plan for our birthday.

You are a great writer and I didn’t realize your skills earlier while living with you. I love your writings. Your  amazing  skill often surprises me. You say complicated things in such a simple way.

You never misbehave. And even when we judge you in a biased just choose to be silent . I do not remember any occasion on which you have shouted back or misbehaved with me. Neither have you stopped talking  .On the very second we stop the mean ,nasty scolding are the same old mustafa..smiling and loving us as if nothing happened.
You do small things with great love .You accept and love people with all their shortcoming.
You return meanness with kindness..and scolding with humor.
When you were a small kid and I scolded you would playfully said:"ghussa haram hai..ghussa haram hai"..and run away.
You inspire us with your little act of kindness.

I love you Mustafa!

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  1. Asra Tanwir Sometimes being a brother is more than being a super hero and having a brother is a huge bonus in life. It's a love to fight kind of relationship, I never hear a word said against him, I rememeber how he used to come up with his little problems when I was a fifth grader like being teased by my classmate, and I would go up to that guy like a Macho woman, 'Meray bhai ko kuch mat karo', and no matter how much we tease him about anything, there be this look on his face to stop it rigth away, but rarely says anything back and hates me acting like a princess at times, 'mustafa yei kardo, Mustafa yei uthado' but you're a LOVEE. it takes alot of effort to convince them that you really care and if you expect others to make you happy, you always be dissappointed, and then comes the secret diary, that we look foward to reading someday. I love you
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    Syed Usman Enam Mustafa, pepsi mere liye bhi.
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    Fawzia Tanwir love you mustafa
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    Anum Tanwir tou kiya howa jo tu na mili ,tu khush rahay ye dua hai meri.. love you loads..
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    Annie Javed love you mustafa , preciuos gem in our family
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    Rahat Alam I know it is hard the be the baby brother of 5 smart sisters and I must say your are the best Mashallah. love you Mustafa and Sahar each time I read your blog I start loving your writing more.God bless you!
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    Kishwar Enam Proud of you Mustafa!
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    Rana Zahoor Soo sweet Sahar. mA he is always smiling!!:)
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    Syed Salman Hassan he is my uni friend as well..nice to see him always smiling....
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    Syed Mustafa Jamal Sahaaaar, I am overwhelmed. Although I kept on thinking about what I would say to you all day, I was out of words. Thanks! (: love you too!
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    Syed Mustafa Jamal Thanks, everyone Lots of love
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    Sahar Syed
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    Sabeen Jamal he is the best brother Alhumdolillah...he loves us with all his heart and makes sure that every detail is right.We feel extra special when he is around..he cried when we left and gives us hugs n kisses when we come back.May Allah bless him with the very best in both worlds.
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    Iffat Rasheed MashaAllah. ...I still remember the day when I called him Mushu the very first time....I haven't seen him in a long time but Mustafas sweet smile is always fresh in my mind.....Saher, mashaAllah ur doing a great job......may Allah bless all of u....Ameen

    Anjum Iqbal May all sisters have brothers like Mustafa May Allah bless him and always shower him with blessings thru out his life Ameen Sahar you have brought tears to my eyes by writing of the great sisterly love go on and bring numerous joys in others lives

    Anjum Iqbal Sahar I was waiting for your blog since Wednesday rather the whole week but I just received it hence the delay in my comment