Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Asra Tanwir

'A cousin sees the first tear, catches the second, and stops the third.'

Asra Tanwir is a person who will come running..just on a phone call.She is always there to console make  birthdays special  and all of the above celebrate people on daily basis. make expressing  love , care and concern so easy  by your frequent hugs. You have a trademark sparkle attached to your personality.
Asra is a person whose anger beams with love. Even when she is angry ..her eyes show the unconditional  love . She refuses to be part of  family politics..and loves everyone…accepts everyone with their  shortcomings and forgives with generosity. She gives you respect as well as extra special treatment.

'A cousin is a warm quilt wrapped around your heart'….and yes Asra is that kind of person.
People love you…but Asra  shows love..she expresses love . She talks cautiously so no one gets  hurts with any word she utters.

If I could borrow one of your characteristics it would be the gift of frequent hugs and comfort you provide…or may be  your to-die-for smile…!difficult choice..!
You are the sweetest thing that has happened to our family. We all love you a lot! and your every hug means a lot..!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seema Khala(Seema Naiyer)

"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”

Seema Khala's (
Seema Naiyer)  faced challenges and difficulties ..but she had the strength to endure it.Her success story is itself quite motivational.
Seema khala  is a  true professional. She is impressively organized . She would make a list of tasks everyday for all the  things t o be done and makes sure to accomplish all the tasks.
People usually are not very keen to learn new things..but she blends with time . She is always eager to make use of modern technology and gadgets to keep herself organized and updated.
She is very flexible but at the same time  a principled administrator.
She is a guest you are always ready to welcome. Even though we  do not meet often ..but with Seema khala there are no formalities. The first time you meet her….you feel in a comfort zone.  You can just be yourself with her. You can sit on the breakfast table for hours with her  ..listening to her positive chats.
You feel energized…!
Contentment is not an easy thing to find in today's busy life. I can see contentment on her face.  Even with a busy schedule ..she finds time to do things she loves .
Talking with her is always a pleasure as you get to hear inspirational stories, positive way of looking at things, being organized, ways for self -improvement, best parenting advices and all the things from which you can always learn  something . Her stories always have a lesson .An inspirational one.! She is a self-made successful woman…! Hats off to you!
Seema Khala !You are an inspiration for all the women as well as men.  We are proud to have you in our family.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Abid mamoo

Abid mamoo was the youngest of his siblings..but his mother referred to him as her "mother".
Once she fell down and got hurt badly..but she told not to tell her "mother" (abid mamu) she would get a long phone about taking precautions..being careful ..having medicine and a long long lecture on how to take of herself.
We often felt nani amma to be a little baby of abid mamu. He was an extremely caring son.
He had a heart warming smile always and a very pleasant happy- go -lucky nature .His mother (nani amma) as well as sister(ammi) would start joking and laughing as soon as he called.His mother  frequently said:"woh to meri maan hai"(he is like my mother).They also had this sibling rivalry kind of relationship rather than mother and son relation....pulling legs....teasing.. each other..and caring  at the same time.Abid mamoo...Your ever green smile would always live in our hearts. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Asif Alam(mumma)

"Dads are  ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.

Asif Alam is a very loving father who takes deep interest  in his children's activities and constantly encourages them. His children are his top priority. 

He is a hunk for whom girls can fall for anytime :D

When it comes to being  'mumma' ..He  teases you till you just accept defeat but  his teasing and jokes never  turn into insults .He never offends you with his jokes .  His limits are well defined. He would bother you, he would tease you, he would make fun but  never never never offend or insult you.

Mumma ..when we were small, you used to bring beautiful gifts for us…each carefully selected and you would always be very concerned if we would like them.
When it comes to politics and sports ..he believes in ' tension leney ka bhi..aur deney ka bhi'
As far as politics is concerned..we are poles apart.!He shows blind faith to some politicians and expresses blind dislike(I know it is not any term but I have coined it for mumma) for some unfortunate ones . And those dislikes are so severe that you feel like pulling your own hair and banging your head on the wall.

I always felt a special attachment to you because of the love for music .I remember the times when you used to request for Music CD from Pakistan.
And as I said one Asif Alam is :
someone who fights like a friend..
scolds like a parent....
teases like a sibling..
shares like a friend..
guides like a father..
spoils like a grandparent...
loves like a mother

You have passed your test for being a brother ,father, son and mamoo successfully and beautifully.

Even If you do not speak out..your eyes show the genuine concern you feel for everyone in the family.
Even if we do not talk often..we always know that you will be there when we need you.
If I could borrow on of your characteristics  , it would be the pure love for each of your family member which so beautifully reflects in your eyes.
We love you mumma! You are awesome!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 "The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."

Nana ! You always gave top priority to nannu's needs. You loved her dearly.
Even in  little arguments between them..nana reflected his humorous side and told her that how much he cared about her.
He cared how his kids and even grand children turned out in life. We looked up to nana for advice. He was always there to discuss any problem that any family member faced and provided with multiple solutions.With a strong will power , you achieved great success in life.
Nana…we love your smile…your sense of humor and your strong confidence in yourself.
I remember how you taught us to respect our books. You hated when we folded the book mercilessly. You liked to see books unfolded while reading. You used to say ' jab aap books moRtay hain..mujhay lagta hai koi mujhay bend kar raha hai'..:)
Even during  never complain and always say "I am perfectly fine"
You cared about your children . When ammi was sick and was recommended assigned me the responsibility  to peel one pomegranate for her everyday and awarded me a gift  after I did that for a month.
I remember , how I  saved my broken tooth as a child  and gave it to you when I visited Pakistan in vacations…so you can bury it in your lawn…!
I cherish the moments when we used to communicate  through postal mails. There was no internet at that time..but we..nana nawasi exchanged letters very regularly . You always had a eloquent and graceful way of writing.

Nana ..You used to instruct all of us to watch the 23rd march parade every year..and every year we were scolded for being too lazy to get up early for the parade.
 Before your visits to USA you would circulate a diary in which we would fill the gifts we would like. We used to fill it to our heart's content.

We enjoyed your keen interest in computers, mailing etc. You were always prompt in replying to mails. But nannu used to call the computer her rival..:)…and granted it the status of your second wife.

This was the mail you sent to me after my wedding:
Pyari sahar,
A few words of advice:
You will be stepping into a new era of life which your parents and all those who adore you were waiting for.Your ammi ,nanoo and also apa,farah and khalas are living  examples. They have always tried to please in laws and/or their relations for example , nanoo taking burqa in the car while going to those relations of mine who liked to see girls in burqa etc . In short you have to make compromise according to situation and not be rigid in your life style which you have been used to . You have to mould yourself  wearing full sleeve on one end and tops and jeans on the other end. You must not hesitate between two extremes ,and the most important exercise will be to accommodate without any hesitation  your life partner wishes between two extremes as well.!

You always cared for us nana..and your love and care was always reflected in your emails.

Pyari Sahar,
 If you remember ,when you all were in Dhahran  and Mustafa mian was to come to this world ,I had asked all of you to give ammi daily bhuni hui kaleji .Now you should take it yourself in spite of the fact that your HGB is 11.


Nana ..I love you and miss your mails badly!

If I could borrow one your characteristics , it would be surely your no-complaining attitude towards problems!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


You make the burdens lighter..
Perspectives brighter.
Difficulties farther..
Solutions closer.
Obstructions dimmer..
Options clearer.
Fears fainter..
Hopes higher
Pessimism weaker..
People stronger..!