Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Asra Tanwir

'A cousin sees the first tear, catches the second, and stops the third.'

Asra Tanwir is a person who will come running..just on a phone call.She is always there to console make  birthdays special  and all of the above celebrate people on daily basis. make expressing  love , care and concern so easy  by your frequent hugs. You have a trademark sparkle attached to your personality.
Asra is a person whose anger beams with love. Even when she is angry ..her eyes show the unconditional  love . She refuses to be part of  family politics..and loves everyone…accepts everyone with their  shortcomings and forgives with generosity. She gives you respect as well as extra special treatment.

'A cousin is a warm quilt wrapped around your heart'….and yes Asra is that kind of person.
People love you…but Asra  shows love..she expresses love . She talks cautiously so no one gets  hurts with any word she utters.

If I could borrow one of your characteristics it would be the gift of frequent hugs and comfort you provide…or may be  your to-die-for smile…!difficult choice..!
You are the sweetest thing that has happened to our family. We all love you a lot! and your every hug means a lot..!

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  1. Uzma Zakaria ♥♥
    August 29 at 12:55am via mobile · Like · 1
    Nisma Tahir youre the best :8
    August 29 at 1:02am · Like · 1
    Nisma Tahir
    August 29 at 1:02am · Like
    Sahar Syed u too:)
    August 29 at 9:27am · Like · 1
    Azhan Jamal Double likes
    August 29 at 4:50pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Hamna Hassan aww. asraa you sure are this person
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    Anum Naseem I have never really agreed with someone as much as I do with Sahar Apa today. Asra is not only my best friend she's a vital part of my life now, because I can't think about living without her. our friendship isn't as old but it's matured and well seasoned and we knew it would be epic from the day it started ( lol right Asra?). I will give the whole credit for it to Her for keeping in touch all these years. She's got a very special quality and that is to love unconditionally and to be there always through thick and thins. There's not a day that day passes without me wishing I was there with her or Asra was here in Canada with me (even better). Asra Tanwir I just wanted to let you know that you are special for me and thank you for being there all these years when no one else was. Thank you for listening to my senseless rants and passing me your shoulder to cry on when ever I was in need of it (which is quiet often), all these things are really appreciated. You know you have a very special place in my heart, I love you
    August 29 at 6:40pm via mobile · Unlike · 4
    Sana Jamal Asra is one of my favorites and the one I have been closest to since we were really small. She is someone who would make you feel like you are the most important person in her life when you are with her. We bond on many different levels and she is the first person I can go and tell everything. She won't judge you and you know for sure that she can keep it in her tummy anything you tell her ( Well atleast for me because if Asra knows something then that means Sana knows it too and vice versa haha). She makes up these stupid things that would make you laugh and at the same time if I could name someone who is sensible and smart it would be her. She knows when to do what and what to say to who. Instead of telling you what to do and how to do she will do it for you before you know it. All of this makes Asra one of those rare people who is a combination of someone who is not only a perfect beauty but also a beautiful person.
    Love you Asra Tanwir
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    Asra Tanwir Love you guys