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 "The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."

Nana ! You always gave top priority to nannu's needs. You loved her dearly.
Even in  little arguments between them..nana reflected his humorous side and told her that how much he cared about her.
He cared how his kids and even grand children turned out in life. We looked up to nana for advice. He was always there to discuss any problem that any family member faced and provided with multiple solutions.With a strong will power , you achieved great success in life.
Nana…we love your smile…your sense of humor and your strong confidence in yourself.
I remember how you taught us to respect our books. You hated when we folded the book mercilessly. You liked to see books unfolded while reading. You used to say ' jab aap books moRtay hain..mujhay lagta hai koi mujhay bend kar raha hai'..:)
Even during  never complain and always say "I am perfectly fine"
You cared about your children . When ammi was sick and was recommended assigned me the responsibility  to peel one pomegranate for her everyday and awarded me a gift  after I did that for a month.
I remember , how I  saved my broken tooth as a child  and gave it to you when I visited Pakistan in vacations…so you can bury it in your lawn…!
I cherish the moments when we used to communicate  through postal mails. There was no internet at that time..but we..nana nawasi exchanged letters very regularly . You always had a eloquent and graceful way of writing.

Nana ..You used to instruct all of us to watch the 23rd march parade every year..and every year we were scolded for being too lazy to get up early for the parade.
 Before your visits to USA you would circulate a diary in which we would fill the gifts we would like. We used to fill it to our heart's content.

We enjoyed your keen interest in computers, mailing etc. You were always prompt in replying to mails. But nannu used to call the computer her rival..:)…and granted it the status of your second wife.

This was the mail you sent to me after my wedding:
Pyari sahar,
A few words of advice:
You will be stepping into a new era of life which your parents and all those who adore you were waiting for.Your ammi ,nanoo and also apa,farah and khalas are living  examples. They have always tried to please in laws and/or their relations for example , nanoo taking burqa in the car while going to those relations of mine who liked to see girls in burqa etc . In short you have to make compromise according to situation and not be rigid in your life style which you have been used to . You have to mould yourself  wearing full sleeve on one end and tops and jeans on the other end. You must not hesitate between two extremes ,and the most important exercise will be to accommodate without any hesitation  your life partner wishes between two extremes as well.!

You always cared for us nana..and your love and care was always reflected in your emails.

Pyari Sahar,
 If you remember ,when you all were in Dhahran  and Mustafa mian was to come to this world ,I had asked all of you to give ammi daily bhuni hui kaleji .Now you should take it yourself in spite of the fact that your HGB is 11.


Nana ..I love you and miss your mails badly!

If I could borrow one your characteristics , it would be surely your no-complaining attitude towards problems!


  1. Shaima Hasan Taha Allah gave us parents as mercy I believe...and grand parents as gifts...beautiful gifts we must cherish...they make our lives timeless....
    Annie Javed I remember !!
    hum bahan bhai mai sai kisi ka bolna "Bore ho rahay hain" Abbi "baita BORE honay ka lafz apni dictionary sai nikal deejay ,agar bore ho raheen hain too is ka matlab you are wasting your precious time , used it "
    Eid , B eid mai subha utha kai pata nahi kahan kahan jana malir , khoklapar . landhi , khi ka kona kona ,bachay " abi kyun jatay hain yea log atay bhi nahi hain .Abbi" baita apany dost , apnay nasdeek kaii ristadar sai too hum hamisha miltay hain , yea sab rishtadar log hain , itni busy life mai admi aja nahi sakta atleast eid waqra mai too jana chayea "aur sach mai jahan jahan jatay thay un log ki koshi dahknay wali hoti thee kai "koi ata nahi hai magar Fahkru bhai app zaror atay hain "
    Hum log kai yahan bohut mahman atay thay rooz anay walay bhi stay karnay bhii 'hum log " allah ajj bhi " Abi baita mahman Allah ki rhamat hotay hain kabhi moun nahi banana chayea , smile kar kai welcome keeya keejay "
    Kisi nai batameezi kar dee , hum log " Abbi ammi app log bhi aisa keejay un ko aisay jawab kyun nahi daitay " Abbi " baita agar hum log bhi aisa karay too un mai aur hum mai keeya faraq rha jayea ga "
    Abbi Ammi nai apnay parents ka bahan bhai un kai bachoon ka jo keeya we are really proud of , ab too hum log ko hota hai hum nai yeaa keeya us kai saat us nai keeya keeya , magar meray ammi abbi nai kabhi yea nahi soucha .Abbi" baita app log jo karsaktay hain keejay return ka kabhi nahi souchayea "
    Abbi" allah hum log ko hanth hamisha dainay wala rhakay "
    Abbi Ammi" app sab bahan bhai mai mohanabt ho ,mil kar rahay abhi too hum log hain , khaish hai hum log kai baad bhi app sab aisay hi rahayea"
    Abbi'maaf karna seehkyea"
    Subha subha 5 bajay akar Ac band kardaina Abbi" baita app log shadi ho kar kahan kahan jayea ga har cheeze ki adat honi chayea"
    hum ko book pharnay ka bohut shooq tha , jab bhi abbi jatay abi apnay leeya aik book latay aik meray leeya
    meri phalai shadi ki anniversary !! puray sui ko invite kar leeeya , bohut acha khana , magar wahan cake nahi milta tha . abbi khi sai ayea pata chala cake laya , khana hogaya bohut tareef kai aisi dawat abhi tak sui mai nahi hoyee , waiting for the bill !!! nahi aya phone keeya bhai bill nahi aya bolay wo too Alam sahib nai pay kard eeya tah usi waqt
    har koshi har mushkil shadi sai phalay keeya shadi kai baad bhi abbi hamisha saat hotay .
    ohh itni itni baat hai kai likhay too khatum nahi hogee magar ajj lagta hai yea chooti chooti baat abbi ammi ki batyee hoyee kitna kam arahee hai , isi wajha sai aaj hum log achi zindagi guzar rahay hain . dua hai allah sab ko aisay ma bab dai aur hum aur Javed bhi Rehma kai leeya aisay hi parents sabit hoon ameen love you ammi abbi
    Asif Alam Well said Sahar! Still amazes me how Abbu use to find time for immediate, close and distant family members every time, all the time no matter what.

    You are so right about Abbu's love for Ammi. I have NEVER heard a single negative word for Ammi from Abbu EVER - and I really mean EVER. Respect for Ammi was non-negotiable.

    Tania Hasan Beautiful peice. Some if the traits even my nana aka abbi jan too had.
    One thing that even i noticed very strongly even though i am remotely aquainted, was , rather is his love for nannoo. I am sure he really misses her.
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    Anjum Iqbal Great work Sahar. Saad's nana also shared some of the characteristics of your nana and we do miss him a lot May Allah give him a special place in Jannatul Firdaus Ameen
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    Faraz Raza Once we all family met at the Bare Abba's home at Chapal Apartments he said why you kids are wasting time do something productive and make some drawings , Me , Syed Farrukh , Syed Nabigh Raza Alam & Asim were contesting all of them started drawing by putting paper on the floor i took the table and then start drawing he suddenly likes my technique and said look at faraz he is doing it the right way !!! I still remeber that
    Faraz Raza I forgot to Quote " Manjhle Abbi" did this all excercise at Bare Abbi's Home
    Syed Khurshid Pervez · 3 mutual friends
    Excellent Tania-everyone wants to relate this to himself-I wiished the children living abroad should read this
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    Seema Naiyer Eid Mubarak to a lovely couple and an adorable family
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    Kishwar Enam My abbi my role model!
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    Rahat Alam Sahar another great piece.Abbi gave us the best child hood. I can still see the sparkle in his eyes when I talk about Ammi.Love when he ask beta app nai khana kha lia. apkeh kamra ka ac chal raha hai.Two of my sister love to visit after 12 oclock in the night.No matter how late it is when he listons to our Halla gulla ,he comes out of a room with a broad smile and enjoy .Now a days he talk very little but I love when he laugh at my joke.Abbi we all love you.I pray for your long life and health