Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seema Khala(Seema Naiyer)

"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”

Seema Khala's (
Seema Naiyer)  faced challenges and difficulties ..but she had the strength to endure it.Her success story is itself quite motivational.
Seema khala  is a  true professional. She is impressively organized . She would make a list of tasks everyday for all the  things t o be done and makes sure to accomplish all the tasks.
People usually are not very keen to learn new things..but she blends with time . She is always eager to make use of modern technology and gadgets to keep herself organized and updated.
She is very flexible but at the same time  a principled administrator.
She is a guest you are always ready to welcome. Even though we  do not meet often ..but with Seema khala there are no formalities. The first time you meet her….you feel in a comfort zone.  You can just be yourself with her. You can sit on the breakfast table for hours with her  ..listening to her positive chats.
You feel energized…!
Contentment is not an easy thing to find in today's busy life. I can see contentment on her face.  Even with a busy schedule ..she finds time to do things she loves .
Talking with her is always a pleasure as you get to hear inspirational stories, positive way of looking at things, being organized, ways for self -improvement, best parenting advices and all the things from which you can always learn  something . Her stories always have a lesson .An inspirational one.! She is a self-made successful woman…! Hats off to you!
Seema Khala !You are an inspiration for all the women as well as men.  We are proud to have you in our family.


  1. couldn't agree more , I am lucky to have a role model in the shape of a mother , who did a tremendous job as a father too.

  2. its truly a matter of pride an honour to be the son of a great lady.

  3. Assalamualaikum Sahar, I have never met you, but I have heard amazing things about you. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. I wanted to thank you for celebrating my mother .

  4. thank you.i have heard good things about you too...:)
    seema khala is such an inspiration that it was not difficult to write about her..:)

  5. Seema Naiyer Thank you for such an overwhelming tribute.I don't know if I deserve all this
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    Rashida Valika · Friends with Seema Naiyer
    wow truly like
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    Anjum Iqbal Sahar what a great way to describe Seema Baji She is indeed a role model for all of us. Life hadn't been too kind to her but Mashaallah with Allah's help she rose to heights that all would vie for. She has been a great mother to her three children and above all a great human being Loving and understanding we are all proud of you and as Sahar says hats off to you!
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    Tania Hasan Seema Naiyer is a women of substance. she is a true inspiration for all those single mothers out there . One of the best things about her is that, she never thinks of herself as a perfect individual, rather she is always looking for room for improvements in herself and constantly raises herself to those new levels. Her positive attitude in life is very contagious. She is a rare species of mankind that can have meaningful conversations with a 1year old to 85years old individuals. Her adaptation to the new technology is absolutely fantastic. Farooq Wahab Naiyer, Amna Hasan, Uzma Naiyer-Rahman , you all are very lucky, to have her as your mother, to learn from her, and cherish her for as long as Allah wills. We all really love you seema khala.
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    Iqbal Ahmed Truthful description of an excellent person. I always think of Bare Mamoo, when ever we are with her. There are not many persons you like to be with and Seema is one such person. She cares for every one in the family and makes it a point to visit her/him when ever time allows her to do so. I often think Seema is a link between us and many of our family members whom we can not meet more than occasionally! Thank you Sahar for celebrating Seema. You have written what we all feel and quietly share only between ourselves!
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    Uzma Naiyer-Rahman · 5 mutual friends
    I might have never said thank you for all that you did for me. You brought me into this world, taught me how to walk, protected me from harm, motivated me to take decisions on my own, supported me whenever I stumbled and most importantly picked me up ...See More
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    Farooq Wahab Naiyer deeply touched...
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    Seema Naiyer Dear Sahar ,that was a real surprise,but a lovely one .thank you so much you made my day