Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kishwar Enam

You dimpled smile is the cutest I have ever seen.
Your look of innocence makes you even more beautiful.

People give  gifts on different occasions . You look for occasions to give gifts. You make excuses to shower people with presents . 'This is for your birthday'…..'this is because you are in Karachi'….''this is because I was not satisfied with the gift I gave earlier''..and so on.

You were my pick for 'My khala' slot. I remember how I used to collect your pictures and how I cried at your rukhsati…!
We can be sure that noni would not get cross on little things. You can share secrets  with her knowing she would not pass it on.
She is a true professional but she makes it a point to spend  quality time with her children...and give them their due attention.
Noni..Have I ever told you that we love your smile..
or that we love the dahi baray you make?
or that we appreciate the little things you do to make people special? (like bringing donuts for nemo on every visit). Yes...we do appreciate all these things.

Instead of indulging in  heated arguments ..she prefers to ignore or be silent. She is soft spoken but also firm and strong in what she believes or says.

Though far apart ..we know that we can call anytime for free medical advice.
She is elegant, beautiful and a lovely khala. Thank you for showering us with your love and care.
If I could borrow one of your characteristics it would be your elegance.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Faaiz Enam

He will always greet you with a shy smile. Though serious looking , he would indulge in crazy endeavors of his crazy cousins.
He always seems to take good care of his family members. ..helping them in small chores…caring for them…and tending to their needs affectionately.
Ammi always says that at dinners he would put down his plate after one serving…even if he loves the food …just out of takulluf.When she would insist on taking more..only then…he would take the plate again to eat more.

From a young age..he loves the questions which begin with..Why? How? What?.......
Faaiz: I wonder this happens? was universe created? How did  humans evolve? Is evolution a random process?
Person A: this is because…..blah blah
Faaiz: it really true?I am not convinced…How does it really work …?I would have to research
Person A: I told you how
Faaiz: (Closes his eyes….holds his head…asks

Faaiz is a perfectionist ….who would do things again and again and again to make them perfect.

 Faaiz...Where ever you go…whatever you do...remember we love you not ask..why?:P

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Qudsia Karim

Qudsia looks beautiful even when she wears no makeup…
               looks elegant in whatever she wears
               and  has an ever present amazing smile.
She shows love by taking out time and  making efforts to meet up when ever she comes. Her down-to-earth nature makes her lovable and easy -to- talk- to person . You always feel comfortable in her company . Her confidence and elegance makes her stand out from the crowd.
 Qudsia ..!Of all your things.. your smile is our  favorite .It lights up our lives . Keep smiling and making the world brighter.
"Use your smile to change the world . Do not let the world change your smile EVER!".
We love you!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Farhan Ahmed

'Kharoos' is usually an alternative word for a boss. But I am lucky to have few of the finest supervisors in my career.
Farhan Ahmed  is  not a typical boss…mainly for the reason of his cool as cucumber attitude.
He does not interfere and criticize you for the way you carry out a task…He assigns and then lets you do it in your own way…guiding and correcting where ever needed . He has the character of not labeling others  work as his own(like a typical manager:D).He gives credit and praise to his workers where ever needed  .
He is a person who is always calm to the chaos.
"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.."
Yes..FA is that kind of person who is always happy oblivious to his surroundings.
He has this wonderful way of always using humor  in his conversations. He can wrap complicated things in a small matchbox.
If I could borrow one of your characteristics , it would be your cool mindedness.
Thank you for being an excellent supervisor , guide and inspiration.