Sunday, September 11, 2016

Farheen Jamal

I remember an  ad of samsung in which a  guy  constantly  whispers ..""….…so  trying to be funny..i whispered in your ears '''samsung samsung…samsung"…from the deep sleep you wokeup in an instant and slapppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......ouch..:D
aah! pata  nahi kitnay thappar khaai hon gain..yeh to yaad bhi nahi ..aur agar yaad ho bhi to count bhi nahi kar saktay…!:D 
But all that has are no more the typical bossy sister.
Now it’s a different story. You are calm and cool. You can overcome little hurdles of life with the great control that you have over your emotions.

Farheen Jamal is like morning coffee which warms you up to deal with anything.
She has the  art of giving preference to mind over heart…taking decisions with a cool logical mind..instead of blunt and quick  replies . You know how to keep your mind cool with patience and calmness.  

When you started would take care of our small needs.
I remember when you bought a ring for me….and gave it to me for my birthday at midnight... I thought can it be I said..'chal bay" ..but it was real gift ..a lovely ring…!
Fara is flexible and brings changes in herself according to her surrounding….always positive and optimistic.
“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney
I think you are the sister with whom I have shared most of my secrets. We would listen for hours to the University stories and gossips you used to tell as soon as you came back from the university.
I have enjoyed sneaking out to NED from my own university and sitting in your class;
The frequent safari trips that we shared;
You perfectly ironed clothes that I used to steal.
Your drive to cleanliness drives sana and mustafa crazy:D
Someone has rightly said:
"When you are messed up and stuck in a situation..there is nothing like a sister to pick you up off your feet and carry you to the next destination in life."
Whenever I am upset ..i know I can call fara to feel better and optimistic…ready to face the world again with all the energy .
You can always hear cluttering when you call Fara.She almost never wastes her time.She is always multi tasking. Washing dishes..while  talking on phone. Cleaning house while skyp-ing.

Fara..You care about little things and give everyone respect. Just before your wedding..when abbu wasn’t well….and ammi was busy taking care of took over the household responsibilities .It was the time when we should have given you utmost comfort as you were about to leave our house..but you took care of us….Thankyou for being a choti apa:)
You are the one who insist on eating together on a dining table…so the whole family is together at least once or twice a day.
You are the one who  think t.v to be a noise pollution..always turning it off for a better family time!
You are the one who taught us that 'ignoring is the best policy'
Your beaming  and no-pretend smile makes you glow (mashallah) .You have a ever present twinkle in your eyes mashallah(credit to farukh bhai?:D)
'People inspire you..or drain you'….you are the one who inspires..and turn the negative energy into positive.
If I could borrow one of your characteristics it would be your mind-over-matter attitude and if could borrow one more it would be your smile.
I love you Fara for all you are..and for being always there.
Thankyou God for making such a lovely person my sister.Today we will celebrate you being in our lives.Hugs!!


  1. Hena Jamal Indonosement ... how can you forget Indonosement Sahar!

    But yes .. very well written That's our Fara
    September 11 at 10:53am via mobile · Edited · Unlike · 3
    Sahar Syed lol
    September 11 at 11:08am · Like · 1
    Fawzia Tanwir masha Allah bhut acha
    September 11 at 11:10am · Like · 1
    Romana Jamal And thats my Farah.MashaAllah.
    September 11 at 11:16am · Unlike · 3
    Rahat Alam very well written. Now you all know why I was so happy when our Farah moved to Toronto
    September 11 at 12:19pm · Edited · Unlike · 2
    Annie Javed wah wah love what you wrote and ofcourse my baiti farah
    September 11 at 2:18pm · Edited · Unlike · 2
    Saba Umer · Friends with Sabeen Jamal and 3 others
    Beautiful Sahar, loved your opening lines, yes, MA, lovely smile, bright eyes, positive vibe, she has all that, am lucky to be her friend, MA, you all are sooooo talented, keep up the good work!!!
    September 11 at 6:22pm via mobile · Unlike · 4
    Muna Rehan I also read it with great interest as api and farheen used to be together all the time in school
    September 11 at 6:37pm · Unlike · 1
    Muna Rehan After reading the article I realized that she is quite similar to api
    September 11 at 7:10pm via mobile · Like
    Kishwar Enam MA keep smiling! btw this is such a beautiful picture of yours Farheen Jamal. Sahar Syed you forgot to write that she has full potential of becoming a model!
    September 11 at 7:44pm · Unlike · 7
    Asif Alam very well written - God Bless Farah always
    September 11 at 10:22pm · Like · 2
    Farheen Jamal thankyou Sahar Syed for such kind words : i'm on cloud nine! just to let you know THAT tranformation from bossy pitaee wali to a bit cool headed was inspired by the ever caring, happy go lucky sister of mine
    September 12 at 2:12am · Like
    Farheen Jamal Sahar Syed i thougt 'Indonosement' was our does Hena Jamal know about it?:p
    September 12 at 2:13am · Unlike · 1
    Sabeen Jamal When Fara does something she puts her best effort and all her heart..when she makes roti ,it is the best roti , when she looks after Hani and Nono she gives them all her attention and love .Yet she can multitask beaurtifully too .Me and Sahar always admire her multitasking skills and wish we could do the same.
    I think among us, she is the wisest one.She is rational and analytical and gives sound advice.I hope to be like her and have the courage to look at myself everyday to see how I can change or improve for better.
    When we were young we fought a lot...but I remember one day very clearly..we were riding the schoolbus home.It was a hot day and I had a nosebleed..Fara quickly took out her scarf/handkerchief that we used daily for assembly and put it on my nose.I realized that although we did not usually agree with each other but still cared for and loved each other with all our heart. Alhumdolillah those ''war'' days are long gone and I have found in her a great friend,advisor and confidant.
    Fara is a beauty with brains MashaAllah and I am proud to call her my sister.
    September 12 at 5:02am · Like · 8
    Sahar Syed @fara : really?nahi nahi:D
    @indonosment .. hena stuck to me like glue always..thats why
    @apa: loved your post
    September 12 at 8:25am · Like
    Shah Nawaz Sahar Syed I can only confirm what Aapa and u have said. Cannot add more, just thanks to Allah for having her as my life partner.
    Yesterday at 6:02am via mobile · Edited · Unlike · 4
    Romana Jamal Masha Allah.
    Yesterday at 7:39am · Like
    Sahar Syed farukh bhai: we are happy that fara is with you:)
    Yesterday at 9:43am · Like · 2
    Rahat Alam Sahar is right farukh. Mashallah
    Yesterday at 10:35am · Like
    Tania Hasan As always beautifully written!!
    Yesterday at 4:58pm via mobile · Like

  2. Syed Mustafa Jamal When I think about Fara, I think about confidence and wits. Haha one of the things that contributed to that was the time when Fara went to Javed Khaloo and asked, "Mera aur appka mazak hai?" When Khaloo smiled and asked what was it, Fara took out a party spray from behind her and sprayed it on his head. Haha I don't think anyone else could do that(and still can't).

    But Fara has always been smart and practical. And it something that you can see in everything she does. From her family; the way she loves her kids with all her heart and shows it too, but is strict just enough to not spoil them. From that to something as simple as cleaning the house on time, Fara is all about smartness.

    Fara is the person I confide in with most of my problems. And feeling better is guaranteed after talking to her. She'll help you see the bright side of a problem with her wise advice.

    Like Apa said, Fara definitely is a beauty with brains.