Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kishwar Enam

You dimpled smile is the cutest I have ever seen.
Your look of innocence makes you even more beautiful.

People give  gifts on different occasions . You look for occasions to give gifts. You make excuses to shower people with presents . 'This is for your birthday'…..'this is because you are in Karachi'….''this is because I was not satisfied with the gift I gave earlier''..and so on.

You were my pick for 'My khala' slot. I remember how I used to collect your pictures and how I cried at your rukhsati…!
We can be sure that noni would not get cross on little things. You can share secrets  with her knowing she would not pass it on.
She is a true professional but she makes it a point to spend  quality time with her children...and give them their due attention.
Noni..Have I ever told you that we love your smile..
or that we love the dahi baray you make?
or that we appreciate the little things you do to make people special? (like bringing donuts for nemo on every visit). Yes...we do appreciate all these things.

Instead of indulging in  heated arguments ..she prefers to ignore or be silent. She is soft spoken but also firm and strong in what she believes or says.

Though far apart ..we know that we can call anytime for free medical advice.
She is elegant, beautiful and a lovely khala. Thank you for showering us with your love and care.
If I could borrow one of your characteristics it would be your elegance.

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  1. Anum Tanwir beautiful! love you noni!
    September 25 at 1:42pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Asif Alam Yup, that is my behen
    September 25 at 3:17pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Kishwar Enam Thank you Sahar beta for your generous compliments. I am a happy khala today! Love you
    September 25 at 6:23pm · Like
    Annie Javed Our little baby is just like this dil abhi tak baby hi hai kouch koi bol dai ya bura lag jayea too bacha ka dil itna sa hojata hai .magar saat saat very mature mashallah ,loving caring,sabir,aur c appa sahi bola , she is our Pride , Love you Mantoo
    September 25 at 8:41pm · Like · 4
    Rabia Enam Our "Elegant and Cute Bhabi"
    September 26 at 11:33am · Like · 1
    Sabeen Jamal Sahar , she was my Noni before your started claiming her all your own so beautiful ,sweet and smart who wouldnt want her to be theirs .Remeber when we had our ''gurya ki shadi''.Noni did all the tayyari. She was studying for her exams i think.During her breaks she would make clothes for the dolls.She cut and sew the dresses and by the next break it had beautiful embroidery on them.Then came the matching shoes.Later in the week she bought jewelry and 'make-up'' and so many other things.We took the'' barri'' in beautifully decorated small trays.We could not have even imagined a better ''gurya ki shadi''.In the times of air-mail..we waited for letters from nana abbo and noni. Our bday cards had messeages we would cherish ,filled with love and funny notes.We saved them and looked at them again and again. Alhumdolillah for our awesome Noni.
    September 26 at 11:17pm · Unlike · 7
    Kishwar Enam Thank you Sabeen you guys were my dolls! Blessed to have a bhanji like you. Thank you all and specially Rahat CA ,Anum, Asif, Rabia, and Annie, loving the compliments, love you all.
    September 27 at 12:26am · Like · 1
    Sahar Syed mumma ..her dafa...this is my sister kehnay sai kaam nahi chalay ga...tareef karain:D
    annie khala ..thankyou for the detailed wonderful addition as always....
    apa..thankyou for bringing back all the good memories i missed
    September 27 at 9:07am · Like · 1
    Annie Javed Hope so ab mumma ki aik hi bahan baqi bachi hai :0 ) shayed us mai kouch lihkay magar daar hai pata nahi keeya lihk dai:)
    September 29 at 2:24am · Like · 1
    Asif Alam Sahar Syed - Kishwar Enam rocks! It will take a whole blog to write in words all what she has done for me in USA, from the day I landed till the day she moved back to Pakistan. She was the only one I had when I moved to the United States for studies. We used to talk every day, even for a minute!

    We hardly have any disagreements - we are almost on the same page every time, all the time ... Well, of course, except for politics in Pakistan
    September 29 at 3:31am via mobile · Like · 10
    Sahar Syed lol @ ne khala:D
    mumma: yeh howi na baat