Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Qudsia Karim

Qudsia looks beautiful even when she wears no makeup…
               looks elegant in whatever she wears
               and  has an ever present amazing smile.
She shows love by taking out time and  making efforts to meet up when ever she comes. Her down-to-earth nature makes her lovable and easy -to- talk- to person . You always feel comfortable in her company . Her confidence and elegance makes her stand out from the crowd.
 Qudsia ..!Of all your things.. your smile is our  favorite .It lights up our lives . Keep smiling and making the world brighter.
"Use your smile to change the world . Do not let the world change your smile EVER!".
We love you!

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  1. Iqbal Ahmed Thank you Sahar for celebrating Qudsia. We all love her very much and wish very much to see her happy.
    September 18 at 11:34am via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Anjum Iqbal Qudsia you are indeed very loving with loving and beautiful children. Always stay that way Qudsia whatever the odds maybe. May Allah always keep you happy and healthy Ameen!
    September 18 at 11:46am via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Qudsia Karim Thank you barey abbu and bari ammi and most of all Sahar. *tears in my eyes*. Love you all and miss you!!!
    September 18 at 12:53pm via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Seema Naiyer A forever smiling face just like mother.May you keep smiling always
    September 18 at 2:06pm · Like · 1
    Qudsia Karim Thank you Seema phuppo. How are you? Any plans of coming to UK.
    September 18 at 2:16pm via mobile · Like
    Tania Hasan Qudsia Karim is truly a genuine individual with absolutely zero pretense. With you one can talk about anything under the sun and be comfortable in your presence. Your gentle personality along with no nonsense attitude is what makes you a truly unique individual. Love you and your babies so much. Take care darling.
    September 18 at 5:59pm via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Qudsia Karim I like the no nonsense part. Lolzzz xx
    September 18 at 6:08pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
    Asma Hussain · Friends with Rana Zahoor and 3 others
    She is a true copy of her mom.....I miss her mom
    September 18 at 7:53pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
    Asma Hussain · Friends with Rana Zahoor and 3 others
    You may not remember me Qudsia,I am your Annie Phoppo
    September 18 at 8:28pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Qudsia Karim I most certainly do remember you Annie Phuppo ( Asma Hussain). It was only a few days ago I was thinking of you and your kids. How are they? Mustve grown up now mashallah. Love to them.
    September 18 at 10:07pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Asma Hussain · Friends with Rana Zahoor and 3 others
    It is so nice to know you remember us,Maliha was thrilled to see your gorgeous pictures
    September 19 at 8:59am via mobile · Like · 1
    Sadaf Azhar It's been such a long time since we met, but you are always in my prayers. The trips to china market and boutiques and the infamous trip to sk
    September 21 at 1:20pm · Like
    Sadaf Azhar skardu seem eons ago!
    September 21 at 1:20pm · Like
    Qudsia Karim I knowww Sadaf baji. Hope you and kids are good. Salam to omer bhai.