Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nani amma

Nani amma is someone who has the strongest will power in the whole family. She is always telling herself 'I can do it ..i can do it..!'. Sometimes the basis of argument with her daughter (Anjum Iqbal is just that)..she thinks that nani amma should not be putting too much stress on her self but nani amma tells confidently :"No I can do it and I will do it".
Every eid….each one of us gets eidi from nani amma ….although she is never in Pakistan at that time .
Whether it is the next morning of a  tiring flight or of a sleepless would see her waking up for fajar prayers and reading Quran.
Her basin ki roti one of the most amazing things in world..!

She has this way of mingling with everyone that while cracking all type of jokes you do not hesitate that nani amma is sitting with you. In fact  she is the one who would make you laugh . She is frank and hates takulluf. Her secret giggles are are just so cute.
She would insist on doing her work herself to remain active .She can sit a thousand times to takes rest while walking in muree..but in no way would she miss the fun.She would walk and enjoy with us no matter how tired she gets.
Nani amma…We might not tell you every time we  meet you..but yes we love you..:)
You are one of the cutest nanis in this world.
If I could borrow one of your characteristics it would be standing up for your own rights .

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  1. Anjum Iqbal That's my mom. Allah keeps her in good health and in high spirits always. Ameen!!
    October 9 at 5:06pm via mobile · Like · 3
    Anjum Alam Ameen Summa Ameen
    October 9 at 5:35pm · Like · 1
    Romana Jamal I simply love this lady.Salam nani amma,May Allah always keep you healthy and happy. Ameen.
    October 9 at 5:44pm · Like · 1
    Zahra Gilani Ameen!!
    October 9 at 10:16pm · Like
    Shaima Hasan Taha Very well said! She keeps us in our thoughts even when we are thousands of miles apart. And this I can say with all my heart, that I have seen true happiness in nani amma's eyes when we got our immigration!! She was the happiest of everyone, most genuinely happy, even more than my own parents! And that to me was a show of her love for us!
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    Rahat Alam Very well said Sahar.She is loved by Torontonians too
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    Tania Hasan Naniamma is truly one of a kind. Whenever she visits and stays with me, my house just lights up and there is fervor everywhere.. She certainly knows how to make the other person comfortable. I cherish her presence every time she visits us. Although we are generations apart but I have never felt that difference. She is our guide, mentor, master chef , companion, confidant and most importantly, our dearest friend. I have learnt a lot from her presence around me. When I was facing the decision to continue to study after getting married, alongside Hasan Iqbal and Anjum Iqbal she was the most encouraging person at that time. And when I finally graduated she was extremely thrilled too. She surely knows how to appreciate others. Her twakkal on Allah is amazing. She is one person who feels ready to meet her creator at the same time, enjoys life and it's bounties , and this makes her a true mominah. We all love you naniamma . Life would not have been the same if we hadn't had you in our lives.