Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ne Khala

Her house is always sparkling clean and feels like a perfect home. Of all the houses , she has lived in thing is in common . Comfort .As soon so enter her house you start feeling homely and comfortable. I do not know what is it that makes it so relaxing . May be it is the cleanliness..or the royal way she treats the guests ..or  may be the way she designs her home. Whatever it is..a trip to her house is always relaxing. 
She showers everyone with gifts and especially takes care of making children feel special.
She makes her guests comfortable and feeds them as much as she can. If she is not well ..her very simple menu would consists of three dishes of meat, two dishes of vegetables, raita,salad, rice and roti..ONLY!:D
The trip to Sui was the most memorable one . She took extra care of Hena and me. Delicious meals..fresh juices every evening…movies and entertainment  . I also remember my birthday which I celebrated there .As the cake was not available on that day…she made me an ice-cream cake. Yes..I will remember that khala…it made me feel so special.

Annie khala is full of creativity. Be if clothes…little details in designing house or presentation  and ideas for food. Mashallah she has limitless ideas always.
Ne khala…although our political view are poles apart but it does not change the fact that you have been a wonderful khala.
I also accept the fact that we are equally afraid of khaloo's aankh and your daant..:D
Thank you for all the things you have done…for all the love and care…for all the lovely daanTs and for being such a caring khala.
We all love you.
If I could borrow one of your characteristics ..I know for would be your creativity.


  1. Anum Tanwir my 2nd mom! love you.
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    Fawzia Tanwir true
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    Rahat Alam Good job Sahar. If i look good it is because of her. She takes care of every one. She will upload the pictures same day for her choti appa no matter how tired she is. yes she is the most loving person of our family
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    Asif Alam Santa indeed! I remember Sui visits to her house and royal treatments all the time, every time. I challenge Rehma and all of you Chawanni and Uthanni party that I got the most share of her dant it did came with perks however! She saved me from much bigger dants at school.. Always helping me with school home works!

    Sahar - you will one day agree with her political views one day just like I do
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    Annie Javed Thank you Sahar baota love you , danth lka badla utar sakti thee app , utara kyun nahi .Allah ka kitna bhi shukar ada karay kam hai kai itni peeyari aur mohabat karnay wali family hai hum log ki mashallah ,sab aik hain aur aik dosray ki koshi aur gam mai aik saat , Allah hum sab ko aisay hi rhakay (ameen)thank you all
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  2. Saba Umer · Friends with Farheen Jamal and 3 others
    It's been a pleasure knowing n interacting with her, I owe her a BIG thanks for making our beautiful clothes, it's because of her we stood out as the best dressed family in all the events!!! Thank you soooo much Annie khala, I loved it when you said keh bachon ke dost bhi bachon ki tarah he azeez hote hein, really really appreciate your work!
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    Sahar Syed Annie Javed: daant ka badla kia hota hai......daant aap ka farz ...aur hamara haq:D
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    Sahar Syed Asif Alam: woh din kabhi nahi aai ga:D.....
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    Kishwar Enam There is no end to her gifts, she just loves giving gifts. She is the most generous person in our family. This quality of her has always impressed me the most! Caring and knowing what people need is as if ingrained in her. You do not have to tell her your problem she somehow knows it and do whatever she can to help. I remember so many occasions when I had come to visit Pakistan the first time from USA, she would just know and do things for me without me saying a word. I will always be grateful to her for it. When we were not married, when she cleaned the house you would know it by the sparkling clean look no one can give it. But also because she would not do it quietly:) but it was always worth it. Sahar, you are very right when you say that mashAllah her house always gives a feeling of comfort. You feel relaxed as you enter it and it is true for all the houses she has lived in. She is full of ideas and our emergency source of relief. Though the "chimta" and my nose incidence has imprinted in my mind that it is a bad idea to make her angry but her overwhelming love and care for the family washes it all away. Wishing you the best in life with Javed bhaijan and Rehma. We are blessed to have you in our family!
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    Annie Javed Thank you C appa , Fawzia ,Mantoo aur Asif jis kai bahan bhai itnay loving aur caring hoon us ko aur chayea. Thanks God !
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  3. Shabana Zahid anni baji appk liye bus ittna hi kahingay k app eik bohat achi dost bohat achi bhabi aur bohat loving caring person hain app sy meri understanding shadi sy pehly sy hi mashallah bari achi rahi hai halnky us waqt bhi kafi sary log thy mager jab bhi app sy bat hoti bara acha lagta tha shyed app jaisy hi logon k liye poet nay kaha hai k Jo ala zerf hoty hain humesha jhuk k milty hain surahi sernogon hoker bhera kerti hai paymana
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    Syed Farrukh A truly remarkable person indeed!!! Her innovative ideas for any occasion and then implementation by herself without depending on others ... her love & care for everyone regardless of who you are ... her amazing organization and decorations for her house which I sometimes tried to opt for my place but not much successful and above all the affection & concern for Hadiya by everyone either it is Manni, Manno or Rehma is always overwhelming...Thank U Syed Javed Zahoor (Manno), Annie Javed (Manni) & Rehma Javed for Ur love and care all the time and specially for my family during my long absence
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    Annie Javed Thank you Shabana Zahid ,@Syed Zahid Zahoor meray leeya asif sai kam nahi hai aur tum bilkul meri bahan ,always love your comapany .Thank you Syed Farrukh baita app bhi aik bohut achay baita hain , blessed with sach a loving susral jo kai kabhi susral nahi laga ghar hi laga .
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    Najia Tanwir-Yousuf Annie Khala ur just like Ami to me! I have priceless memories with you which i will cherish forever.
    You have done alot for me and i will always be thankful and grateful for all those things! I have always admired you, having you in my life is god's blessing to me. I see you as a strong and wise woman, always giving, helpful, loving, caring and kind! You are my favourite khala since childhood. Love you alot!! xx
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  4. Sabeen Jamal Have you ever seen Martha Stewart? She seems to be skilled at it homemaking,cooking,designing...sometimes I wonder if she can really do it all or is it just the magic of tv? But then I remember our own Martha Stewart..Annie khala and think yes maybe its possible because we have seen her do all that and much more..excellent homemaker,cook,host,gardener,designer and the list goes on.She is our golden standard on how to be a good homemaker.We look towards her to learn how to be great hosts, how to make our homes comfortable and inviting.When we are out of ideas we ask her,she gives us not just one. Alhumdolillah for giving us a khala who is so loving,kind and generous .
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    Syed Zahid Zahoor itne chahne wale hain mashaALLAH se Allah pak kahire darain ata farmain ameen:)
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    Annie Javed Thank you Najia Tanwir-Yousuf,you know app meray leeya keeya hain love you .Thank you Sabeen Jamal oh my God ab itni bhi tareef nahi love you .Thank you Syed Zahid Zahoor keeya baat hai :)hum too samaj rahay thay kouch khata meetha comment ayea ga
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    Syed Zahid Zahoor mashaALLAH se jis ke itne chahne wale us ne apne liye duaon ka khazana jama kar rakha hai mazeed kuch kehna ka nahin ALLAH pak in mohabaton ko qaim rakhain inshaALLAH ameen bas confirm karna hai postings sahi wall par hai ya facebook ka fault hai:)
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    Syed Zahid Zahoor page to yahi hai logo apni akhirat ki tayari karo qayamat qareeb hone ki waza nishaniyan zahir hone lagi hai kahin zalzaley a rahe hain kahin toofan hai JHOOT BOLNA AAM HO GAYA HAI
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    Sahar Syed lol.zahid mumma aap k baaray mai bilkul sach likhuun geen...phir kuch na kahiay ga
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    Syed Arij Boht hi achi Mami Har time har cheez ke ly available hoti hain, Har cheez mai help out karti hain specially studies mai and the best part is this ke har bar motivate karti hain and last thing "Royal Treatment" to hamesha milta hai
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    Rashid N Yasmeen · Friends with Asif Alam and 16 others
    Mashalla meri dost cousin aur bohut pyari bhabi hai hi itni achi loving and caring ke sab pyar kare allah pak hamesha khush rakher ameen love u
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    Annie Javed Syed Arij thank you baita app ko mai bohut agay dahkan chati hoon Rashid N Yasmeenthank you yasmeen haan allah ak shukar nand bhawaj walay rishtay nai hum log ki relationship aur masbood kar dee love u too