Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sabeen Jamal

She was leaving for her NCC to Pakistan…before she left we had a fight over a   cassette of songs…she wanted  to take it to Pakistan…I wanted to keep it with me…eventually she took it..I was quite disgusted and did not like it . After she left..I went to sleep.. Under my pillow there was a note..'please naraz na hona'..the anger vanished …and love took over.
Apa ..growing up with you was good .Having you in life is like another  version of mom….always  giving   and never expecting…always leaving our misbehavior in the past and never bringing it in future. ..always loving and caring.
I sometimes think  you must have lost your way..and joined our family by chance
You are beautiful…and people hesitate to believe that we are from the same family..:D
You are so calm, patient, well behaved and 'sughar'…so unlike us..:D
The amazing patience with which you can handle kids...
Mustafa might have been scolded by everyone except you..
The only time I remember you raised your voice was..'hamai bhi to jeenay ka haq hai'  ..:D…(fara…! You were so cruel..:D)
When people say we look like you..we actually take it as a compliment.
I remember(and I know that you wont let me forget)that you took my share of scolding for my carelessness in school..just like an elder sister. 
"I smile because you are my sister ..I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it"…
We are the one privileged to have you in our life.
My mornings are too sweet because you are my online morning chai-partner..hours pass by so quickly when chatting with you. You ask for little details….and you care for every little thing.
We love your  silent stare…..and big eyes when you wake up ..we love your beautiful curls and your innocent smile with the perfect touch of shyness….we love your concern and care and little favors you do..we love your soft voice  and  everything you do.
"A sister is a gift from God, sent from above to make life worthwhile here below."
Yes make our life worthwhile..You make us special…Today I would like to thank you for all the ways you have cared..for your  endless love..You are just so adorable and lovable!
I might not tell you this often….but I love you a lot! Your caring ways always show us how much you care..and we might not be so good at it..but we do care for you and  love you loads… we might not accept this when in front of you…but we thank God for such a great blessing …that is you!
Although you are some one who should be celebrated every single we will take time out to  appreciate you ..and celebrate you ..for what you are..! We are so blessed to have you in our family.
We love you apa..:)


  1. Anum Tanwir and her over exagerated babyish responses ..i love love her!
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    Hena Jamal Always giving and never expecting .. Spot on Sahar! Apa is the second-in-command mommy that we have

    Apa has a mountain-load of patience inside her. It is a next-to-impossible job to make her angry or impatient. When we were in Dhahran, and I used to be a very darpok kid, she is the one who I would always wake up in the middle of night to come with me and stand outside the bathroom.

    I still remember, when she went to the US after her shadi, it used to feel so lonely. 2-3 days after she had gone, it was lunch time and I was calling everyone to the dining table and without thinking I shouted from downstairs “Apa, khana ho gaya”, and suddenly I realized that Apa was not there …. I cried so hard that day!

    I don’t recall any of us having any fight with Apa ever. She is among the the sweetest, masoom-est persons you will ever meet in your lifetime. She is the eldest, but was never the bossy kind. She would do things for us, not demand us to be doing things for her. I still remember, we (me, Sahar and Fara) were so badtameez that we would secretly make fun of her sharaafat amongst ourselves and then just to add to our fun, one of us would say out loud “Apa, zara pani toh pilaayein” and she would actually go and get us a glass of water, after which all of us would burst out laughing. Only thing she would say after that was a polite ‘badtameez!’.

    Apa has a charisma of her own. Her softness and gentleness is unmatchable. You rarely hear her say anything bad about anyone. She can listen patiently to all your ramblings. She is awesome! Apa, we treasure you and love you!
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    Annie Javed Sabeen is a gift of God ,wrape with love,care,beautiful heart,simple,innocent.wo din ajj bhi yaad hai jab phali dafa Dharan sai ayee ,storel Mai maroon velvet frock Mai ,first neice ,oh we were happy and excited.masoomeyet 3 bachoon Ki amma honay Kai bawajoot abhi tak wo hi hai,bachoon Ki hardil azeez apa. Masha Allah sai Imran ka saat aur care nai bhi Sabeen ko sabeen hi rhanay deeya ,so thanks to Imran also,love you Sabeen hamisha aisay hi rahyea aur
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    Annie Javed hamisha kosh rahyea ameen
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  2. Fawzia Tanwir love you sabeen hamesha khush rahiay
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    Nausheen Shoaib She is Kind, intellegent , patient, infact all the good things that can possibly come to your mind you can relate to her, very few people have such personality. ....... S weet
    A ngle
    B eautiful
    E ngouraging/ easy - going
    E xtraordinary
    N ice to everyone
    That's my Sabeen , my childhood's best friend . Good that you wrote about her Sahar , you and all sisters are Masha Allah so lovely like Sabeen.
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    Rahat Alam She is our first born so innocent and beautiful,I can talk to her for hours and she can listen to me for hours:) When I am happy I call her she makes me feeling walking in the cloud.When I am sad she makes me feel calm and relaxed. Some times I want to be just like her I never heard her talking bad about any one.
    I love you Sabeen .All the best
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    Anjum Iqbal Beautiful comments of a beautiful person indeed!
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    Tania Hasan So beautiful.
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    Syed Mustafa Jamal Apa, for me, is so many things. She has a kind of motherly feel but she is also a friend regardless of the huge age difference that we have.

    Sahar is right; Apa has never scolded me. I remember this one time when she had an exam the very next day and she was trying to study really hard. But I wouldn't let her. I kept on bugging her even when she closed the door. I remember I knocked on the door and started teasing her with Imran Bhai. But not once did she ever yell or tell me to leave. Instead, she opened her door, put her book down and chased me through the house. When she caught me, she lifted me up and we both laughed. And that was one of the reasons I loved her completely, utterly.

    I still remember the time, a few weeks before her wedding, when Sana broke the news to me that Apa was going to the US for good. She told me that she would come in like two years just like Khala loug do. I remember feeling so confused as to why couldn't she stay. Why couldn't she come sooner?. (Hena might say that I cheated her idea^ but) that day I cried a lot.

    (I have narrated this probably a couple of times before but) The first time she came to Pakistan with Hamza, I was so jealous. The reason was that she had always treated me with the intense love that she now had for her baby. She probably had the same love for me the way she did before. But just the idea of having to share the love I saw in her for me,. with someone else just wasn't the most comforting thing in the world.

    When she came in 2010, the electricity would go out for an hour in the night. That used to be our technology-less-crazy hour. Haha. Sometimes I would pour water on her head and she would run after me to get me back. And sometimes she would take her revenge. We would hide behind walls to "Boo!" each other and do all of the crazy things in that hour. I would forget the 16year difference that we have and have some amazing time with a friend.

    Apa, for me, is so many things. And I am thankful for every one of those things.
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    Sahar Syed thankyou everyone for contributing so beautifully and celebrating apa

  3. Sabeen Jamal Thank you Sahar..Love you!! Thank you my lovely family and friends,I feel extra special today. It is because of your love and the beauty of your own personality that you see good in me and forgive and forget my mistakes and shortcomings. Alhumdolillah , for surrounding with such wonderful you all!
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    Kishwar Enam Soft spoken, innocent and pretty are the qualities which comes to mind when you are thinking about Sabeen. When she was born ,it was a long gap after Asif when a baby came to our house. She was a joy for us. Once she had come from Dhahran and had just started saying words. I remember I took her to the lawn and was showing her a flower and making her say it. She said "phoo" and I was overjoyed with pleasure! (so I take the credit of teaching you the word "phool" Sabeen). I had no idea that she is so sughar and well organized until I visited her house in San Jose. Taking care of MahsAllah three little boys and a "big"boy has not effected the calmness in her. She is still the same cool and relaxed Sabeen like she always is. I pray that you always be happy with Imran and the kids. Thank you Allah for a beti like her!
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    Sahar Syed apa..we do not associate shortcomings with we can not ignore them......please tell some of yours that we feel less complexed:D
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    Iffat Rasheed I had been waiting for this time for sooo long....but Saher u have written it so well that there isn't much left for me to say....I cherish every single moment of our friendship....girls in our class used to think and ask me how u 2 are friends as apparently we were a team of full stop n non stop (needless to say kon kiya tha).....when Sabeen was leaving for karachi , I invited her and some other friends to my place. ...for 6 hours sabeen was sitting quitely and all the girls were soon as the party ended and everyone left....Sabeen ki battery chaloo ho gaee and then ww talked all night until soon ss we heard fajr azaan...I said so jaoo warna namaz parhni parey gi n we both fell asleep within seconds. remember those mehndi nights too which was always so much many things to say but I can't write as beautifully as it has already been written by saher so I better stop here...Sabeen u r beautiful inside and out...I'm so happy and thankful to Allah for giving me such a wonderful friend.....
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    Sabeen Jamal Thankyou Iffi..Iam lucky to have a friend like you

  4. Annie Javed surrat kai saat saat seerat bhi itni hi khobsorat hai love you sabeen baita