Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sadaf Azhar

Sometimes we forget to appreciate people who contribute to making our life wonderful. Living in a joint family together ..we have a special bonding …and so do our children .I have shared wonderful moments with you .The best was eating gol- gappay in Lahore .I wanted to have some  but omar bhai was in not a very good mood..but you managed to get it for me…..and we ate it  so quickly….actually it seemed like the tastiest gol-gappay of my life..:D….
And then there was walking to the shop late at night to eat tikka ..after putting bachas and husbands to sleep:D
It is not my fault that the best gift I can think for you is loads of chilli chips and slims :D
You tolerate omar bhais daant for us…so that we can complete our shopping .  Your children are the most disciplined I have seen.
You can message  the same recipe over and over again ..whenever I need without any fuss .(wait..have I lost it again?:D)
Having you means I can cherish the fact that my memory is slightly better than at least some one:D
  You have the guts to take a stand for what you think right . At the same time you are always ready to say sorry  and forgive. You are confident and a good speaker . 
 Visiting you means endless cups of tea ,delicious meals,(that wonderful Raita ),pedicures, facials and having time to be lazy.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you do .Sadaf baji.. I want to tell you today that you are an important part of my life. Thank you for being there for  me always…for listening to me…for supporting me always..for being with me in difficult times…for sharing hysterical craziest moments. Although you admit forgetting to call on special occasions sometimes but I know in my  heart that you care and this is all that matters.

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  1. Anjum Iqbal Sadaf is someone close to me who has become from good to better and even better as time passes. May Allah always bless her Ameen! Mashaallah Sadaf is well read and you can discuss with her anything under the sky. As a person she is considerate and God fearing and she has the ability to make the other person understand the minute details of Tafseer and Tarjuma of the Quran. We are very proud of you Sadaf!!
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    Ashher Alam Aakhir behan kis ki han................
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    Sadaf Azhar Thank you very very much Sahar and ammi! That was a lovely eid surprise..and I look forward to many more hysteria sessions, go, gol gap pay and long visits and chilli chips from you! The support is mutual, thank you!!
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    Sahar Syed Ashher Alam meri aur kis ki