Wednesday, November 27, 2013


“Words can be twisted into any shape . In the final analysis, words mean nothing. They are labels we give to things in an effort to wrap our little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is  entirely different . The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them.”

I rarely see him talking . But I remember he has this special charming smile.Feelings and words hide behind his smile.He thinks a thousand times before speaking.
The childhood memories with tushi are memorable although I cannot think of any words spoken by him.Gosh!Do you really talk that little?
Tushi had a grace from the very beginning . Even for a yes or no….he would just nod instead of actually speaking out. Sometimes he would just smile..leave you clueless if it’s a yes or no.
Tushi would prefer home cooked stuff rather going to restaurants .
I remember when he was in karachi…the first thing he would do in the morning was to read newspaper…and probably he even  read each and every advertisement..because he would stick to it for hours.
When we busied  ourselves in mischievous endeavors ..he never  took part in it…he would always be there with us..but silently .
Although I do remember some small fights when we visited him in India.One was  when we had an argument ..I shut the door of his room and lied that I am breaking your racket…you were furious and beating the door..but I cannot recall any words from you even then…!:D

Even you are not as connected online as others are..but I know you care…( that doesn’t mean that you stay that way:P....I cannot even link this blog to your to!?)
"you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all its own."

His silence has a grace and his smile has a charm.
Tushi! Today we are celebrating you! We want to remind you that  you are an adorable member of our family.We love you and your quiet nature too.your smile looks so cute on you…keep smiling.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Manjhlay abbi(tariq yaqoob)

His breakfast routine is very different and very interesting.Followed by an early morning walk, the breakfast includes eggs, almonds, pumpkinseeds, cranberries and wide variety of fruits. He would slowly eat his meal enjoying it fully.
You need real  focus to hear what he says but this focus is really worth it. As a doctor, he tells simple  tips for a healthy life...very different from the ones normally doctor tell. He backsup his advice by narrating his  experiences and research.
Being a tea addict myself,when I asked if it was difficult to get rid of the tea-habit.He replied calmly.."no, you just have to train your mind".
After a bad sore throat spell on my way back from Karachi, tea didn't attract me for a change. After recovering,my tea addiction vanished and the words echoed in my mind.."you just have to train your mind".I still drink tea but I am no more addicted to it.
You have the art to appreciate people for every little seemingly insignificant things.
I regret that we havent been in touch regularly and its only now that I got to know you a little better. I do hope that we stay in touch more often now.
I will miss your calm nature and obliviousness to the negative emotions like regrets,hate and complains .
I do hope we can learn positivity and calmness from you.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cyma Abid

"Enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully."
Sitting still or  idle is the only thing  Saima Abid cannot do .She is full of enthusiasm and energy.
Saima teaches children with strict discipline but endless love.
She is outspoken ,bold and confident. She doesn’t hide herself behind masks . She speaks her mind and is comfortable being herself . She is hardworking and a workaholic. At the same time she is always ready to jump in any fun activity going around. 
Saima..the self-less dedication with which you taught nema in her first year of school is matchless.
Today I want to I appreciate your efforts, your dedication and your infectious enthusiasm which you showed as a colleague. Thank you and keep us energized..:)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Anum Tanwir

"A cousin is the one who is already there doing it when everyone else is saying is there anything I can do?"
If there is someone who can handle kids better than their mother…it is you! love kids..and kids immediately fall in love with you.
Its amazing how you took care of nanoo in her last days…just like she was a little kid..'acha yeh bite ammi k liay kha len..yeh bite asra k liay khala len' that nanoo eats something.
Anum is surely as gentle and soft as a rose petal .
Her heart is made of pure gold…she is always concerned for you genuinely .She does not only asks if she can help….she actually steps forward to make your life easier..(especially if your kid is making your life miserable..:D) You saved us from the Audi episode  ..When you said "gulshan-e-iqbal"..:D
You guys always make it a point to visit us the very same day we come to Karachi..('her dafa aa jatay ho!')..:D….it does make us feel special and celebrated…and yes it means a LOT!!

"Smile is the key that fits the locks on everyone's hearts "...When you smile flashes of star sprinkle all around…! Your sweetest smile is the greatest gift  from God to us..and we treasure it!..and fits the locks on our hearts perfectly!
Anum ..You are a star….the one that shines the most..!
                                                  I love your smile...and your sweetness..and your kindness..and you!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mahjabeen Irshad

"We are all just waiting for someone to notice—notice our pain, notice our scars, notice our fear, notice our joy, notice our triumphs, notice our courage.
And the one who notices is a rare and beautiful gift…"

When I read these lines ..the first person that came to my mind was Maha..!
Maha is a noticer..!  She would be the first one to notice a changed mood…a new clothes…weight loss/gain...change in attitude…depression..happiness…..just about anything. She can read faces ..Yes..even if you are just chatting on internet..!LOL.
She can read emotions. She would just somehow know how you feel…your ups and down..even if you do not tell.
Maha is outspoken . When I first met her ..I was quite reluctant to be her friend .I thought her to be too candid and outspoken. But as time passed..I realized that this was her quality. She is so frank and open(and did I say blunt:D)….that you do not have to be someone else in front of just cannot be..(remember? She can read faces). She can say things right on your face….and does not pretend to agree ..if she has conflicting views.
She would not tell you ..just what you WANT to hear….she would tell you what you NEED to hear.!..Yes sometimes…she is painfully honest…:D..she would not even sugar-coat her opinions.
Maha ….I just love you for what you are..! And I am thankful to God for a friend who just knows ..what you feel….even if she is miles apart!
Thank you for being a friend….a counselor…a listener …and a noticer.
I love you..:)