Wednesday, November 27, 2013


“Words can be twisted into any shape . In the final analysis, words mean nothing. They are labels we give to things in an effort to wrap our little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is  entirely different . The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them.”

I rarely see him talking . But I remember he has this special charming smile.Feelings and words hide behind his smile.He thinks a thousand times before speaking.
The childhood memories with tushi are memorable although I cannot think of any words spoken by him.Gosh!Do you really talk that little?
Tushi had a grace from the very beginning . Even for a yes or no….he would just nod instead of actually speaking out. Sometimes he would just smile..leave you clueless if it’s a yes or no.
Tushi would prefer home cooked stuff rather going to restaurants .
I remember when he was in karachi…the first thing he would do in the morning was to read newspaper…and probably he even  read each and every advertisement..because he would stick to it for hours.
When we busied  ourselves in mischievous endeavors ..he never  took part in it…he would always be there with us..but silently .
Although I do remember some small fights when we visited him in India.One was  when we had an argument ..I shut the door of his room and lied that I am breaking your racket…you were furious and beating the door..but I cannot recall any words from you even then…!:D

Even you are not as connected online as others are..but I know you care…( that doesn’t mean that you stay that way:P....I cannot even link this blog to your to!?)
"you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all its own."

His silence has a grace and his smile has a charm.
Tushi! Today we are celebrating you! We want to remind you that  you are an adorable member of our family.We love you and your quiet nature too.your smile looks so cute on you…keep smiling.

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  1. Annie Javed Tashy my baby ,love you so much and miss you too.Tashy mashaallah Sai is very mature,Jo bhi decide karna ho ,souch samaj kar faisla hota hai,very caring and loving ,Sehar each kaha his smile ,sab kouch kha daiti hai. I cherish memories when tashy was a kid ,us ko kahani suoonana aur song .Crime partner of Najia aur tashy your song "cheerya hathoo yea tashy Meah ka ghar hai"abhi bhi wo awaz yaad hai .your love ,care for chotti appa and soshy as a son and big brother mashallah aitaimainan hota hai .Tashy we all love you so much and we also know you also love us .you are the one who proves that love mai bolnay ki zarorat nahi hai khamoshi sai bhi sab zahir hojata hai .Aur Tashy India wapas ja kar apnay dostoon ko nana kai yahan ki mazay mazay ki kahanni suuonana haha so cute .baita jalldi Karachi ayea .
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    Sahar Syed tushi and crime partner..?:P
    November 27 at 9:12am · Like · 1
    Naaz Jamal wah kya baat hai ...
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    Annie Javed Sahar keeya khamoshi sai peeyari peeyari badmashi nahi hoti hai
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    Fawzia Tanwir love you tashi
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    Rahat Alam you wrote so well, Tushy always made me proud to be his mother
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    Najia Tanwir-Yousuf Annie Javed: tashi bhai my crime partner!!! i dont rem
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    Annie Javed oh najia phir app meray bachay ka nam lai laiti hoon geen:) aur Najia Tanwir-Yousuf write some thing about Tashy
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    Asif Alam bhanja who is more like a chota brother for me - polite, well-read and a great company to be with.
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    Mehar Tabaan · Friends with Rahat Alam and 5 others
    bohot pyara bacha tashi!!!love u! sahar very well written
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    Kishwar Enam Genius, mature, loving and good looks describes Tushy. In a gup shup session it is a norm not to expect any comments from him but we know that he is fully involved:) Once Tushy and Soshy came to Michigan without CA on vacation. I was a little bit concerned if I will be able to entertain him. But it was like having my own sons at home, no formalities. We had a good time except that he would not agree that I am a better cook than his mom:) He has always made us proud MA and given us the satisfaction that if he is with CA, we do not need to worry about her. Tushy beta, may Allah give you all the success, happiness and a beautiful wife!