Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Anum Tanwir

"A cousin is the one who is already there doing it when everyone else is saying is there anything I can do?"
If there is someone who can handle kids better than their mother…it is you! love kids..and kids immediately fall in love with you.
Its amazing how you took care of nanoo in her last days…just like she was a little kid..'acha yeh bite ammi k liay kha len..yeh bite asra k liay khala len' that nanoo eats something.
Anum is surely as gentle and soft as a rose petal .
Her heart is made of pure gold…she is always concerned for you genuinely .She does not only asks if she can help….she actually steps forward to make your life easier..(especially if your kid is making your life miserable..:D) You saved us from the Audi episode  ..When you said "gulshan-e-iqbal"..:D
You guys always make it a point to visit us the very same day we come to Karachi..('her dafa aa jatay ho!')..:D….it does make us feel special and celebrated…and yes it means a LOT!!

"Smile is the key that fits the locks on everyone's hearts "...When you smile flashes of star sprinkle all around…! Your sweetest smile is the greatest gift  from God to us..and we treasure it!..and fits the locks on our hearts perfectly!
Anum ..You are a star….the one that shines the most..!
                                                  I love your smile...and your sweetness..and your kindness..and you!


  1. Hena Jamal still remember the cutest little baby anum who we dressed up for noni's shadi

    Anum, you're a sweetheart! Your smile definitely does spread radiance all around .. May Allah always keep you smiling with that twinkle
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    Fawzia Tanwir wah bhai
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    Romana Jamal My dear Anum,who I had in my lap right after she was born,and fell in love right there.May Allah grant her all the happiness in this world and there after.Ameen.
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    Annie Javed "Daimond of Alam" har jisi ki ka , khayal karna ,mohabat aur apni cheez dosroon ko daina ,i remember Anum bachpan sai hi aisi thee ,Rehma ko jo bhi us ko pasand ayea daidati aur bad mai aklay mai rooti dawat mai sab sai akhir mai khana khana aur baz dafa khana khana bhool bhii jana , us kai clinic gayea too aisay peeyar sai treatment keeya laga hum aik chootay sai bachay hain .Care Love Giving nature is her strong quality. aur jaldi faisla karna us ki kamzooori , us kai dil mai keeya hai no one knows , very sensattive ,helpful .Allah hamisha kosh rhakay aur bohut saree koshi dai (ameen)
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    Anum Tanwir OMGGGGG!!!! its me this weeekk thankyouuuuuuu ... i love it !! After a creepy day ,YOU MADE IT AL YAYYY FOR MEE !! love you loaaaaaaddss i was kabsay waiting for this dayyy !! *hugs* aND AUDI scene tou dr bilal ko bhi nahi bholta ah you are the best sahar apa!!love how you put us in words
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    Anum Tanwir thankyou everyone ,im really blessed to have you all around me!! cutest and bestest gift!!
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    Anum Tanwir :D:D:D *flowers* for everyone!!
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    Rahat Alam You always feel pampered when she is around..Love you Anum
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    Kishwar Enam Anum is like a magician when she is around the kids. Handling them perfectly is like an inborn quality in her. I am at ease and enjoying myself when she is around, taking care of Hana. Though I am her khala and she is my niece and it should be the other way around! The thing which impressed me most about her is her love and care for nanoo and nana. It is a blessing to have a nawasi like her MA. We have a special khala bhanji bond and I love it when she shares her problems with me(though I don't know if I have helped her) but do want the best for her. May Allah bless my sweetest little beti with lots and lots of happiness.
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    Anum Tanwir ,yes! your help,really do helped me,thanks a million for all,nd i enjoy hana khala! shes the best medicine for everthing..
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    Najia Tanwir-Yousuf Thank you Anum for being so caring and supportive! and definitely thank you for being such an awesome dentist and for all the FREE treatments!!! thank you for helping me out in all FAST event's charts!! thank you for being an amazing baby sitter!! Yup, we had our share of fights too but regardless of those fights we still love each other! Love which will never go away but will always be growing and getting stronger! I am lucky to have a sister like you! Your love for cats always filled our ghar with billis!!! I know this is cheesy, but you are the best sister ever and thank you for being so awesome! xx
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    Anum Tanwir and you the most awsome elder witchy! always flooded me with gifts and surprizes!:D

  2. Momina Bashir Aweeee star ♡ xx
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    Atif Ali Unnar Every bit of that is so true. . MashaAllah
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    MariYa ShakoOr aww luv Yuh
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