Saturday, December 28, 2013

Iqbal clan

[Nine years have passed mashallah..since I joined this new family. Dedicated to Iqbal clan with love]

“Family isn’t always blood.It is the people in your life who want you in theirs.The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what”

I was warned by the mention of the family prayer:”mai panah maangta/maangti huun, shaitaan mardood sai aur Saad k mood sai “.but when  I look down the memory lane…this is not what I see.
I see Ammi taking effort to make every room ready and spic n span for  each family .Her worries every time  about our sleeping well and  pushing us to sleep so she can sleep peacefully knowing everyone has a proper place. Our refusal to stop our chatting sessions and non stop bakwaas and delaying sleeping time as much as possible and in the morning ammi getting surprised to see everyone sleeping in the same room .
Then there is this barbeque mania..where everything from steaks and bihari kabab to roti and even tea is cooked on the awesome BBQ  place outside.
I look back ..and see..the cards...pictionary ...balloon fights..scrabble sessions...which themselves have memories of their own.
The frequent trips to Muree..bhurban..abbotabad..and places which we never knew existed..thanks to the fauji jawan of our family.I see..the innumerable plans and khayaali palaos we made  and then deciding who would talk to Abbu about it.
Hyper kids past their bed time enjoying each others company ..not wanting to waste even a second of the cousins reunion...and despite of fights and argument shuddering at the thought of going back.I remember the confusion when calling a child ..we call the child with every name but his/her own name.
Also worth mentioning is the whole year supply of garlic,onion and fresh vegetables .Cherished thoughts of picking lychee.oranges..from our own farm...and even the delightful moments of saying 'this is from OUR farm'.
The hysterical moments in which every thing said is taken with a secondary twisted meaning and of course with a burst of hysterical laughter.
Thank you for the loving me as your own…for the ,guidance and most of all for the smiles n happiness you provide me with everyday .Yes ..I can brag about my in-laws.You all are nothing short of amazing .i love you all.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hasan bhai

"Confidence is believing yourself when no one else does"
Hasan bhai is full of confidence..with an extra dose always with him . He can tell you the uncensored version of the truth very comfortably and  he is almost always himself.
Trying to win an argument with him is like fighting a lost battle….He will never let you…no..never..don't even think about it!
Once he decides something..he just has to do matter what…be it making bihari kabab in saRi garmi or going some where at mid-night.If he has decided to do will be done!
He should be appreciated and applauded for supporting and encouraging his spouse in studies as well as career with a small baby in house.He is a true modern man who supports women's education practically.
Hasan bhai is doston ka dost .His friends  can do anything for him and he can do anything for them.
He knows the trick to be a child's favorite person around . Toddlers love his company. He is ever ready for indulging in fun and adventurous activities. You plan something..and hasan bhai would be already in.
Hasan bhai..We are proud of you for  always supporting  and cooperating with tania baji in her studies as well as career .Lets celebrate hasan bhai..:)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saima Sardar

"Be  who you are and say what you feel because people who mind  Do Not Matter and those who matter Don't Mind."

When I think about Saima Sardar I think about her spontaneous replies and frequent laughter.  She can keep you entertained with her never ending chats and witty remarks. Even when she is serious ..she would be funny.
Her bubbly nature makes her full of life…and an excellent company to be with . She will be just as frank with you as you want her to be . She wont  go off limits as far as your personal matters are concerned.
If I could relate a quote with her it would surely be "Life is too short to be taken seriously".
Saima !you teach us positivity and  to see the brighter side of  life ..just by being yourself.I am inspired by your sparkling smile and your cheerfulness. Stay yourself..:)..We love you just the way you are!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Taiyaba is the one having the listening ear for kids them full attention.
 She is encouraging the little ones always ....and they love her for that. Her beautiful smile  always accompanies her and is always  fresh as the morning dew.
Her  photographs are always inspiring , different , beautiful and with a professional touch. The other  thing that inspires us is her designing skills. The  place around her is always adorned with wonderful artistic details.
Her adorable curls compliment her style well.
Taiyaba we love you for your smile , style  and your caring ways.