Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hasan bhai

"Confidence is believing yourself when no one else does"
Hasan bhai is full of confidence..with an extra dose always with him . He can tell you the uncensored version of the truth very comfortably and  he is almost always himself.
Trying to win an argument with him is like fighting a lost battle….He will never let you…no..never..don't even think about it!
Once he decides something..he just has to do matter what…be it making bihari kabab in saRi garmi or going some where at mid-night.If he has decided to do will be done!
He should be appreciated and applauded for supporting and encouraging his spouse in studies as well as career with a small baby in house.He is a true modern man who supports women's education practically.
Hasan bhai is doston ka dost .His friends  can do anything for him and he can do anything for them.
He knows the trick to be a child's favorite person around . Toddlers love his company. He is ever ready for indulging in fun and adventurous activities. You plan something..and hasan bhai would be already in.
Hasan bhai..We are proud of you for  always supporting  and cooperating with tania baji in her studies as well as career .Lets celebrate hasan bhai..:)


  1. Shaima Hasan Taha Barde baba...tussi great ho!
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    Tania Hasan Every word is a truth. No doubt he is great.
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    Hasan Iqbal Awesome. Have been waiting centuries for this blog by Sahar the great
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    Syed Salman Hassan Hasan Bahi,,The great person,,
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    Tania Hasan Kamil Fareed
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    Anjum Iqbal True to the core! Hasan is what he is. Kudos to Tania for understanding him. If there is a special dish that Hasan wants Tania will take the pains to make even if it is past midnight! But at heart Hasan is caring and his kids dot on him. And Tania always says that there is no one like Hasan and she adores him. Hasan remember the time when I had cooked the food and you had insisted that I make spaghetti. We all love you for what you are.
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    Iqbal Ahmed More than any thing I like the blog picture of Hasan. Sahar you have the knack of finding unique poses from the stock you maintain and hide from every body else until such time you decide to take them out to surprise all. Hasan has many more qualities that you have either forgotten or have forgotten to mention! But thanks anyways to take the blog out for which we too like Hasan were awaiting!
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    Sahar Syed Tania baji can put some more light on today's celebrity.and Abu u can definitely add here whatever I forgot to mention
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    Tania Hasan I think Sahar Syed you gave a good description of Hasan Iqbal.
    If there is anything more to add is his courage to take stand for the right things in life no matter whom he might offend in due course.
    His love for his family specially his parents is both affectionate and protective. He often worries for them like one would worry for children.
    I appreciate his trust on me with regards to raising children at the same time he quietly guides me too, which offcourse makes him a nice dad and me , a tough mom in the eyes of the kids.
    He often is unable to express his love for his dear brothers but beleive me it no less than abbus , if not more.
    I am truly blessed in this life to have hasan iqbal as husband, and pray to get old together and enter jannah together too. Inshallah.
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    Kamil Fareed · Friends with Tania Hasan and 5 others
    Mashallah! We are all blessed and fortunate to have Hasan Bhai in our lives. May you always be happy, Inshallah.
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  2. Ali Naeem Hassan bhai kia bat hai
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    Aamer Inam I truly appreciate the initiative of Sahar to appreciate our loved ones when they are among us. I also agree with her on all the lovely attributes of our dear friend Hassan. He is a high achiever and a very nice man by nature. Miss the golden time spent with you buddy. Wish you a long and happy life.
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    Saif Abbas Great! I am missing the good old days spent together in KU (1990 batch). Definitely the golden days of our lives. Our group in B.Sc (Hons) 1st Year : Hasan Iqbal, Amir Inam, Atif Ahmed Khan, Noman ur Rehman, Amir Abbasi, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Zia ur Rehman, Shehzad Murtaza, Zafar Ahmed Siddiqui, Razi uz Zaman Khan and myself. May Allah bless them all wherever they are.
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    Muhammad Siddique kia bat hay bhai