Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Saher Shah

We would take a long walk from our department to different canteens so that shahjee would satisfy the urge to eat.but in the end..she would refuse if no one eats with her.She always needs company while eating.
Shahjee is someone who rarely cares about what the world says.She would do what she feels like and would say what's in her mind.
She can spend hours in discussions and in proving her point..but at the same time she keeps her mind open to listen to other's point of view.
In our university days...her home would be the place we would make the projects naps..and play cards...she was our host all day long.
She would take part in all the adventures and ghunda-gardi with us...except eating out in a place she doesn't feel like going..that was something she would not compromise chance!
Shahjee is free of the worries like 'what will people say?'....and would easily speak her heart out.
Shahjee is someone who hates being dictated...and is an independent thinker.
Shahjee we admire you for what you are.We love you

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