Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Taiyaba is the one having the listening ear for kids them full attention.
 She is encouraging the little ones always ....and they love her for that. Her beautiful smile  always accompanies her and is always  fresh as the morning dew.
Her  photographs are always inspiring , different , beautiful and with a professional touch. The other  thing that inspires us is her designing skills. The  place around her is always adorned with wonderful artistic details.
Her adorable curls compliment her style well.
Taiyaba we love you for your smile , style  and your caring ways.

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  1. Huda Ahmed Sahar Baji, you're so right This really made my day.
    Taiyaba, you're truly amazing!! Always remember that.
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    Fatima Ali Rizvi I remember falling in love with Taiyaba and the person she is even before I had decided on marrying Ali! Thank you for welcoming me into the family with open heart. You really are a beautiful person inside & out
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    Taiyaba A. Khan *teary eyed* ok you guys got me emotional! Thank you Sahar Syed, Huda Ahmed and Fatima Rizvi for the kind and loving words. I am blessed to having such beautiful people in my life. Love you guys A LOT!!! And all the little girlies are my guriyas!! Tight hugs and lots of pyar to them!! Phups misses them a lot!!
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    Tania Hasan Taiyaba A. Khan is truly an inspiration for a lot of girls in the family with her go getter attitude . She has a beautiful ,warm and contagious smile. She has a positive attitude tiwards lufe in general
    May Allah always keep u happy and in the right path and hopefully one day when you have own little munchkins, then we will tell them what a cool mom they have.
    And avizheh and i looove your hair.
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    Anjum Iqbal Taiyaba we all love you for what you are! May Allah SWT give you love, health and happiness thru out your life Ameen
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    Huda Ahmed seriously. there are very few people who are truly and genuinely loving, and make others feel loved - you have always made everyone feel comfortable in your company. that's rare. you celebrate every single thing. tumhari "choti choti khushiyan" that i make fun of...that's actually the best thing about life that you always appreciate
    and how can i ever thank you enough for our long talks and "sisterly therapy sessions"? growing up would've been hard without you love you, teee!!! wish you all the happiness you deserve, and then some more!
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    Sahar Syed aww huda..that was a perfect speech for a sister.......celebrate taiyaba' this week