Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ather Khaloo

He is serious only when in an operation theatre.You have to think twice before answering him. Firstly because you have to think 'is he serious this time?'…secondly because any answer can again be used as another joke. He is the most quick witted person I have ever met.
In his company cannot just stop laughing
He is a true professional who always keeps his patients  case confidential and not-to-be-made-public. Even if you ask him..why a particular person visited him in the hospital…he would not disclose it.He always follows professional ethics…which is not very common.

By his young looks…no one could decipher that he is a all-in-one package.
A successful surgeon……
an amazing painter….with his very very busy schedule he paints perfect pictures!
A true entertainer..
Someone you can confide your secrets to…discuss your problems with….and be sure that he wont discuss it with others..
Someone who is there for you..even if you want to discuss the medical condition of your chachi k betay ki nand k cousin ki dost.
Khaloo we all are very proud of you…we love your company and we love you.

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