Wednesday, February 19, 2014


"Before you were conceived... I wanted you
Before you were born ...I loved you
Before you were an  hour old.. I would give my life for you "

Inaya ..I know that I can always trust you .Whatever You do..whether it is right or wrong….I know if I ask will always tell the truth.
You surprise me by making quick snacks all set in a tray ..when I am hungry.
You make cards just for saying..'I love you mama'  or thanking for little things.
You pretend to sleep in the car…so we can pick you up on the stairs to home. You make me proud of you with your achievements.
I love the way you laugh hysterically sometimes.
Or ask me who is your most favorite person in this world?
How scolding wont threat you but a simple ' I am cross' would bring tears rolling in your eyes.
Inaya..Your smile is the most beautiful gift for me. .!!

You are growing up..and can do most of things yourself..but still look forward to me  to do lots of things for you…
you still want me to hold you tight..
Feed you …
Change you….
pick you up in my arms.
And although I ask you often  "why cant you do these things yourself? You are a grownup". I know that you will grow up fast..and I will miss the moments when you looked forward to me to do everything.
You will have your own dreams..goals to achieve. You will have your own idea of what to do in will have your own choices…your own decisions to make.

Daughters are not ours to keep..and I would  have to let go of your gentle hands. Though it would be the hardest moment of our lives…even thinking of letting you go is heart wrenching..but I pray that  your second home would be filled with love and laughter.

 I pray that I do not teach you to run after brands or money ..rather I can teach you to have a kind heart….may  radiance  of your virtues always shine brighter than the glittery world.
I pray...that instead of cultivating the love for materialistic things..I can teach you the beauty of small ordinary things.
May God be your guide always…and keep your heart protected from the meanness and hatred.

I wish that when  God and I talk about your bringing up…He says .."well done!"

Inaya ..I wish that you make this world a brighter place to live. You  are my most precious treasure. I love you a lot!

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