Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Rehma has 
a Lady's  elegance
a man's courage..
a child innocence.
And oh-so-perfect height.
Her attitude ,manners and conversations are always respectful.
She can find reasons of not to gossip about people….…'who bhuul gai ho gee'..'unintentionally ho gia ho ga'…etc..she would tell you the reasons why not to talk or think bad about a person.
Rehma as the intellect to succeed and achieve anything she desires .Every time she ventures into something….the result is success and a proud family mashAllah. 
We have always seen her giving top priority to her family.
"Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer..."
We are so blessed to have a bunch of caring cousins who are always there for you...and who really care.Thankyou for being such a cousin.
Rehma…Today we would like to tell you that we appreciate your respectful  way of talking…your obedience...your  pretty smile….your love and care.You have always made us proud. We love you ! You have a special place in our hearts.Muah!

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  1. Rehma, you're my only friend who I immediately knew would cross the two year threshold (and you became a friend to last a life time!) . You give the best advice in the whole wide world but hey! that comes naturally to you because you're brilliant in every aspect.You're always objective and honest! You calm me down when I'm irrational and the gossips (read: information sharing sessions) are always amazing and yeah rather informative! :p Thanks for being there with me and I hope we remain the cliche "best friends forever" literally!