Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shua Murtaza remind me of the old university days..where the lala used to scold you by saying..:"chup kar seeti baaz..!"..
Every green Margala reminds me of you..and also of the rainy day in which you lost the keys .
Shua is a very confident individual..and is highly flexible. She wont interfere in personal matters or give muft mashwaray unless you ask her  to.
Her beauty and way of talking has a royal touch..!
She has fully participated with us in all the university adventures and my evil plans;)
Unlike us…she has been a great help to her mother  in household works even before  shadi. She is a modern woman who knows how to balance  career , studies and care for her home  at the same time.
She can debate on any given topic  tirelessly ..:d..and has a good sense of humor. She  respects everyone ..and usually keeps her conflicting views and comments to herself ..and  probably when it gets to much for her to bear ….any one fine day..she just explodes..:D

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person."

Shua  rekindles that spark. She is vibrant and witty. Even when she is sad..she easily hides it in her shining personality . Her conversations beam with excitement and energy.

Shua today we will celebrate you .You radiate vibrance...Keep spreading your light. We love you so very much. Muah!

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