Thursday, March 7, 2013

Afshan Ajnum and Anjum Alam

We are not related but you make me feel as if  I am.
You are not my phupi and phupa but you make me feel as you are.
The very first time we came to stay at your place…it felt like as we visit you every day. Comfortable..friendly, warm and welcoming ..just like our own home (and also full of delicious food and of course  ashar ki chai)…and also wonderful kids whom I can tease and bother  just as my own siblings.
Today I would like to tell you that we appreciate your caring ways….
your phone calls happy moments..and at sad times..and all other times..just to ask are we doing…or to say a quick hello.
I would like to thank you today  for your warm gestures and all the love. I am glad that our paths crossed.

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