Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Usman Enam

Usman is the  chocolate hero of our family .Cute smart ,calm and witty.
Mani is almost always in a good mood and with a beaming smile .He has surely got his wit from his father . He would  crack jokes and answer with good humor.

When he was quite mother asked about his choice between an intelligent wife and a beautiful one he  replied .."an intelligent wife because she would know how to look beautiful"

He cooks well and his paintings are amazing to say the least. Usman is also loving, caring and cooperative.  All of this all  sums up as a good rishta advertisement…doesn’t it?...our Usman  perfectly fits all of the criteria.
Mani..we absolutely adore your big , wide, naughty..ever green smile.We love you SO SO much.

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