Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Imran bhai

"  Kuch log jeenay k liay khaatay hain aur kuch khanay k liay jeetay hain"
"Nihari!" is the first thing  that comes to mind …when you think of Imran bhai.

He is always looking forward to fun, adventure and of course plans for  having chatpatay food. A cute smile always accompanies him.
I remember his pre-shadi time…when apa used to shy away..and imran bhai took  us to ice cream palour…on the condition that apa would come too..:D

Once he decides to do something ….he commits himself to it. He is a true cricket fan… friend for his kids….and a help in little chores.
Imran bhai talks in such a friendly and informal way that you instantly become comfortable in his company…and it feels like you are talking to an old friend.

Imran bhai..Today we are celebrating you and  your presence in  our lives.

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