Wednesday, August 6, 2014

God of people

You can never please people enough. How much you try , there would always be someone complaining and  finding faults. People expect too much from us…and we expect too much from them. We plead tirelessly in front of others. We think they would grant us  our wishes . Most of the time, we are disappointed. The day I stopped asking people..and started asking God even for my small wishes..I became more contended.

woh ek sajda jisay to giran samjhta hai
Hazaar sajdon sai admi ko deta hai nijat

[Prostration ’fore God you presume as irksome, tedious, burden great;
But mind, this homage sets you free from bonds of men, of might who prate!]
"The one Sajda which you consider difficult, Frees man from a thousand Sajdas."

The connection between  God and yourself helps you control your anger. There would always be people who would make you angry …with their self -centeredness and unreasonable expectations .But when you realize that their expectations  ..their anger ..their self-centeredness is between them and God….
And your  attitude…your reaction is between you and God…you can amazingly control your negative feelings.

 "In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway…"

We know we can always go to Him with out any ego  problems .He is the only One in our life from whom we can ask shamelessly and countless time .We do forget to thank Him thousands of times but we know we can ask Him over and over again .We may forget to pray for consecutive days but we know that the path to go back to Him will always be open.
It is  not easy to please people…but when you shift your focus from people to God..the path becomes easier.