Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Faaiz Enam

He will always greet you with a shy smile. Though serious looking , he would indulge in crazy endeavors of his crazy cousins.
He always seems to take good care of his family members. ..helping them in small chores…caring for them…and tending to their needs affectionately.
Ammi always says that at dinners he would put down his plate after one serving…even if he loves the food …just out of takulluf.When she would insist on taking more..only then…he would take the plate again to eat more.

From a young age..he loves the questions which begin with..Why? How? What?.......
Faaiz: I wonder ..how this happens?..how was universe created? How did  humans evolve? Is evolution a random process?
Person A: this is because…..blah blah
Faaiz: hmmm..is it really true?I am not convinced…How does it really work …?I would have to research
Person A: I told you how
Faaiz: (Closes his eyes….holds his head…asks himself..how..how ..how)

Faaiz is a perfectionist ….who would do things again and again and again to make them perfect.

 Faaiz...Where ever you go…whatever you do...remember we love you ...do not ask..why?:P

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  1. He is the star of my documentary. Ab MashAllah itna bara ho gaya hai. God bless you.