Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sarosh has always been talkative and expressive. His lighthearted nature makes him a good company to be with. His conversations almost always have a touch of humor.
He can explain an event with such vigor and liveliness..that it almost seems hard to believe.When you ask him that is every detail true..he would answer:
"Ham to baat ko exciting bananay k liay keh rahay thay"
Sosi is a creative cook…who knows how to make his food look different and  pleasing.
Though we did not  have the chance to meet him often…but whenever he came to Pakistan..he not only was a crime partner with us in pranks but played a vital role in all the badmashis.
Sosi is outspoken and speaks freely his mind..but of course with humor to make it digestible…:D
Sosi..today we will celebrate you.This is a reminder that we love you and you hold a special place in our lives.

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