Thursday, October 8, 2015

he and she

When asked something
Not ever in any haste
He would pause and ponder.
A silence prevailed..
For a moment you would think..maybe he has not heard.
But then you would hear..
Some words of wisdom..
A good piece of advise.

As you would enter her house..
She would light up instantly..
She would look at you..
For So long
With so much love..
For a moment you would are the world to her.
For so long..
With so much concentration
For a moment you would think..she is cherishing and absorbing 
Your each and every move.

There were no bad hair days in her house..
Because you were always the most beautiful person to her.

He would restraint himself from food not recommended for him
She would pick everything…not recommended for her.

In pain..she would warn and rebel..
He would oblige and smile.

He would sit in the garden chair every evening..
Calling everyone out..
To enjoy the beauties of nature..
She would make excuses not to go out..
But would oblige after constant calls from him.

He would advice not to waste time..
To study as much as one could..
She would advice to take a holiday..
To rest as much as one could.

He would seek out help..
With computer..and other things.
She would scold…
To let us eat..or else sleep.

He would tell every time..
You have the ability..
She would tell every time..
You are beautiful!

They would argue with each other 
and snap back with quick replies..
filled with humor and quick wit..
She would be annoyed and upset..
He would wink and smile

He listened to his mind..
She obeyed her heart.

Together ..
They cared for each of us..
Showered their love on each of us .
But both in their own distinct way.

He was strong as a rock..
She was fragile as a rose petal.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Abid mamoo

Abid mamoo was the youngest of his siblings..but his mother referred to him as her "mother".
Once she fell down and got hurt badly..but she told not to tell her "mother" (abid mamu) she would get a long phone about taking precautions..being careful ..having medicine and a long long lecture on how to take of herself.
We often felt nani amma to be a little baby of abid mamu. He was an extremely caring son.
He had a heart warming smile always and a very pleasant happy- go -lucky nature .His mother (nani amma) as well as sister(ammi) would start joking and laughing as soon as he called.His mother  frequently said:"woh to meri maan hai"(he is like my mother).They also had this sibling rivalry kind of relationship rather than mother and son relation....pulling legs....teasing.. each other..and caring  at the same time.Abid mamoo...Your ever green smile would always live in our hearts. 

Monday, August 3, 2015


You make the burdens lighter..
Perspectives brighter.
Difficulties farther..
Solutions closer.
Obstructions dimmer..
Options clearer.
Fears fainter..
Hopes higher
Pessimism weaker..
People stronger..!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Ghazali is my ever smiling brother- In- law. His conversations are filled with bits of light humor. He   asks questions with highest level of seriousness but humorously in real. People  answer the question  with the same seriousness perhaps not noticing the naughty twinkle in his eyes.

A super dad who manages handling his twins while doing other chores. …instilling reading habits in them right from the beginning.

His love for adventure has prompted him for sky diving, bungee jumping and lots of other trips plus a fractured arm right before his wedding.

Unlike usual breed of husbands, he keeps his things perfectly organized and clean and his clothes perfectly ironed .He is well dressed and  a pure gentleman which is reflected by his manners.
His gifts for children are often  very interesting, unusual and unique.
Ghazali..We are happy to have you in our family.Thank you for taking good care of my sister. Today we will celebrate you in our lives.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ejaz Uncle

We have spent our childhood with best lots of uncle, aunts and family friends.
Ejaz uncle is one of them.

We do not get to meet often now . Infact , we rarely meet now. But I do have vivid memories of him. His mention brings back happy memories accompanied by a bright smile  .

Good and quick humored is how I remember him . Whenever we met..he would greet me and my sisters as ..'meri saheliaan.!'(my friends!).
He can literally crack a joke on any topic. Always in a happy mood, his presence would brighten up any gathering.

Meri saheli…! We miss you and appreciate your radiant personality..:)